Бета Дьяблы (V)(;,,;)(V) [Diablo 3 Beta]

Uploaded by ThisIsHorosho on Sep 23, 2011

Sup, I’m Stas Davidov
Bet everyone wanted to shot their boss at least once. [or their teacher ;)]
So, like, he sat behind the glass, put his glasses on and asked his employee to shoot him with an AK-47... [Thanks, Cap]
Smart indeed
Can imagine him saying before the shooting
If even a single bullet goes thru - you’re fired! [<- like a BOSS]
"no penetration"
Yup, every job is different [sanitators (]
But this guy really [really] showed that he stands behind his product
[my... my PRECIOUS!]
Wonder how CEO of avtoVAZ would do a Lada test-drive
Well what can i say?
This guy has ballz! [bitch got a penis!]
Me? I’m almost pissing mah pants in this one [squeezes]
Yeah... if you’re to do this, better be really sure you have no enemies. [glaziers]
Even tho the glass didn’t break he still could’ve died [danger!]
From a bloody brick diarrhea!
Good thing he’s wearing glasses in case bullets do penetrate [suddenly]
Oh right, you can’t hit a four-eye! [even a bullet knowz]
You sneeeeak!
Poor employee... he didn’t clear this boss!
[Sorry Mario but your career is in another company]
And this is horosho!
Second vid was sent by maLblsh
[Sing, like a Slovak!]
[Talk, like a Slovak!]
Well, it’s a polish reupload of a slovak video about dudes in pink masks who punish bad drivers
[Talk, like a Slovak!]
[Run, like a Slovak!]
[Take baloons, like a Slovak!]
[Carry baloons, like a Slovak!]
[Tie up the baloons, like a Slovak!]
[Show off, like a Slovak!]
[Get the hell out, like a Slovak!]
Someone will find a gift in the garden
[your average slovak boy] Mommy, mommy! Daddy bought me a motorbike!
[your average slovak mom] Good, but why did he put in on our goat Milosh? *baa*
Ok, I ain’t gonna kid anyone: it’s obviously fake
But it’s so.... slovakian! [slovakian!]
[Diablye prestup]
[keesa ne delyu~]
First of all, those guys are called Ružoví kukláči [Ružoví kukláči]
and look like a teddy-version of romanian SWAT [trust the pink!]
All that’s missing is a D&G logo on their masks
Prolly dancing in random slovakian Elton John OMVs in their spare time [Eltoslav Jonosh]
But that doesn’t mean they’re gay [who you tryin' to fool?]
I mean, I’m not gay, right? Right.
Second of all, slovakian language is … well, fun. [ %) ]
And that crane got there by accident
And the sadow moves only cos they pulled out some kind of aa overhang
And that guy climbed on the roof just to check it out [hobby, you know]
And this is horosho!
Third vid was sent by MiK5eR!
You look at it at first and think
she’s an old kid, won’t do anything stupid
Hi everyone, i’m a blogger Lady Diablo and i wanna sing you a song
Music from Nautilus Pompilius song “I wanna be with you”. Lyrics by me
Oookay, she’s gonna sing [sing]
Something tells me this won’t end good [Mr. Insight]
I was writing to Blizzard employees, askin’ them to marry me
[she puts her soul into it]
Coz only friends and family can play the closed beta
I want a beta of Diablo!
I want a beta of Diablo!
OMG girl, you don’t need a beta, you need a dick!
Coz those WoW collector boxes and RO and Warhammer figures kinda suggest a lack of life... [NERD]
Prolly can cook only in Sims as well!
[..... ain’t got the words, and my guy......]
Wai-wai-waaait! You have a GUY? [a Guy?]
Yeeeeah right, if you’re in a guild together doesn’t mean that he’s your boyfriend!
but I want a beta of Diablo! [beta of Diablo]
I want a beta of Diablo! [beta of Diablo]
Blizzard, please, give her that goddamn Diablo3 beta!
[Give her] [the beta!]
She won’t freaking shut up! [plzzzz!]
I SO want a beta of Diablo!
I want a beta of Diablo! and i’m gonna play it!
[nope, won’t shut up]
Know what? I want a D3 beta as well!
I want a beta of Diablo!
I also want a beta of Diablo!
Im looking in those faces and i cant forgive them
for having the game and being able to screw with it
Screwing around? [Why screw?]
Btw, she wrote in her blog that she did get the beta
[ WIN! ;[ ]
Know what?
I Want a zeppelin!
Or at least a pint of beer
[ :( ]
[ :) ]
And this is horosho!
And the question is sent by ChibiMMM
Guess what’s inside!
[what’s inside it?]
Attention! Here’s the question: what’s inside it?
Leave your answers here on Youtube
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So, what will you do when a maniac comes out of the bushes?
Take his place in the bushes
Spread my legs wider)
When a maniac comes out of the bushes you must ready your passport, driver’s licence and 500 rubles
He got out of the bushes, ows me money!
Doesn’t matter if it’s snow! Doesn’t matter if it’s scorshing hot! Doesn’t matter if it’s raining when i’m chased by a maniac :D. (rhyme goes here)
everything ok