[Eng Subs] (04 Nov 10) Nine Muses Sohu Interview

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South Korea's New Female girl group Nine Muses greeting to fans
NM: We are Nine Muses!
LS: Hello everyone.
LS: We are from South Korea, Nine Muses.
LS: Glad to know everyone.
MH: I am Minha
MH: Hello! I am Nine Muses' Youngest Minha.
LS: I am Lee Sam
RN: I am Rana
RN: Hello, I am Nine Muses' Leader Rana.
SR: Hi Everyone, I am...
SR: I'm called..?
SR: Sera..
HM: Hello everyone, I am Hyemi.
HM: Hello I am Nine Muses' eyesmile, Hyemi
HM: Thanks for watching.
BN: Hi everyone, I am Bini
EJ: Hi everyone...
EJ: Hello everyone, I am Eunji.
ER: Hello everyone, I am Erin
ER: Erin
HA: Hello everyone, I am Min Hyuna
Q: Not long ago, there was a new member, how does it feel working with one another?
SR: I think that we enjoy working together.
SR: After Hyuna joined Nine Muses,
SR: Our members mood has been lifted up, we've decided,
SR: We have to work hard in future to let our group, Nine Muses produce a better result.
SR: We will work hard in our practice.
Q: Is this your first time coming to China and perform, how do you feel?
RN: Our first time coming to China for the electronics fair.
RN: By participating in this performance, we can let our China friends to know more about this group.
RN: This time coming to China and perform, we felt very honored, to meet our fans it felt really good.
RN: Electronics fair invited us for the performance, could say that it was a stepping stone for our China promotion.
RN: We hope that the China fans would really support us.
Q: Korean groups competition are intense, how do you standout?
LS: We are now a singer group, but before our members are in the group,
LS: The result of each of our development are not bad.
LS: Did advertisements, featured in tv dramas etc, had experiences in these respects
LS: Beside that we had some experience in hosting for shows too.
LS: These would be useful for our group's current and future development.
LS: We have received lots of experienced trainings, and hope that everyone would pay more attention to us!
Nine Muses live singing of Theme song
NM: Thank you everyone!
NM: Goodbye~