Dance Moms - Season 2 Episode 13 - Abbygeddon - Todrick Hall Recap

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TODRICK HALL: Well, hello everybody.
This is your boy, Todrick.
Thank you so much for coming back to our last episode of
Dance Moms recap for the Dance Moms in Pittsburgh.
If you missed this episode, you must watch it now.
This was the craziest episode ever.
I have a little bit of a surprise for you all at the
end of everything.
But first, let me tell you what happened this week.
First of all, it's my birthday, so thank you.
First of all, at the beginning of the episode, Chloe was at
the bottom of the pyramid because she forgot
her dance last week.
And I was just like, whoa, what is going on, Chloe?
And of course, Maddie was at the top again.
Go Maddie!
But some crazy stuff happened this week.
First of all, last week they announced that they were going
to have an audition for Joffrey Ballet, which is a
humongous, prestigious ballet company in New York City.
All the girls go, and I was just so
confused by this episode.
Because Abby, being so well versed in the entertainment
industry, should have known that you don't send your girls
in there and have them do acrobatic stunts.
The kids were in there doing tumbling and front walkovers
and had their legs and their toes all on
their face and stuff.
The judges were totally not into it.
And then Cathy showed up, of course, with her kids.
And they got into this huge fight in the hallway, and then
the guy had to come out.
It was so dramatic.
And they were fighting so much in a place that I thought that
they would have had enough sense to be classy and calm
and collected.
And my armpits were sweating and stuff.
I was like, oh wait.
Stop, stop, stop.
Not only did Abby make them go to the Joffrey audition, but
she also made them prepare all these routines for this big
And Maddie was so stressed out and freaking out.
It was the first time-- at the Joffrey audition-- that she
had ever heard, you're not amazing.
These kids don't have the technique and the ballet
training that they should to go to a Joffrey thing.
But Chloe on the other hand, did amazing.
And it was one of the few times that Chloe shined so
much brighter.
For the first time ever, Cathy Lee beats them.
Her group number beat them by one point.
Abby had a breakdown.
(WEEPING) My reputation is ruined.
For real, Abby?
Not necessary.
Then the kids go to perform.
Maddie gets on stage and forgets her routine, freaks
out, runs off the stage.
Abby starts crying for Maddie.
Everybody was so mad.
Abby showed blatant favoritism, which I was
completely disgusted with.
And I couldn't believe that she would go so far as to cry
and leave the competition.
Chloe won the entire competition, was the best solo
of the whole day.
And it was the one time she got a chance to shine.
And Chloe is such a sweet little girl.
And it was just so unfortunate that Abby wasn't there to
celebrate her, because she was mourning the fact that Maddie
messed up and is human and messed up just like all the
other kids.
It was so sad.
I felt so bad, because it's now more crystal clear than it
ever has been that Abby's playing favoritism.
It was a terrible, terrible situation, but a
great, great episode.
It was so good.
Who knows what's going to happen?
Abby left and just drove off and just left all the kids
there, because she couldn't handle it anymore.
I don't know what's going to happen, but I have to tell you
all, this is the surprise I was telling you about earlier.
Everybody, what are the odds that on the last week of Dance
Moms, I should run into Abby Lee?
What better host to have for this last week?
TODRICK HALL: Can you tell everybody thank you for
watching your show?
ABBY LEE: Thank you.
Thank you, thank you, thank you for watching.
We love it.
To all the kids out there that have signed up for dance
classes, and are attending dance studios across the
country, keep up the good work.
Thanks a lot.
TODRICK HALL: Please do.
So you can buy rings like this.
As you were.
Anyway, thank you Abby, if you're watching this.
I'm mad at you for how you treated the other kids this
week, but I still love your sexy behind.
I can't wait to watch Dance Moms again next season, and to
catch up with Dance Moms Miami, 'cause
it's already bomb.
I'm Todrick.
Thank you so much for watching this whole season (SINGS) and
you're watching FYI.