Willis McGahee's Exclusive Interview

Uploaded by officialpeta on 26.01.2011

Somebody sees a celebrity with a fur coat on
or any kind of fur
It's gonna be a trending topic
everybody's going to go out there and get it
and I don't think they really understand
where it comes from and how they treat
the animals they get it from.
I've seen some of the footage
as far as them being skinned alive
and electrocuted and killed and things like that
It was a touching moment you know?
That's something you don't want to see anybody go through
I don't care if it's not a human being
you don't want to sit there and just electrocute the animals
just for a fur or anything like that
that's not right
that's something I believe in
Going naked brings a lot of attention
regardless of what the situation is
if it's for a good cause
or for a bad cause, but
this is a good cause
Dogs are somewhat like human beings
you know you've got to treat them
like you treat your kid, you have to take them
care of them, feed them, treat them right
You can't really
chain them up outside
and just leave them out there
you have to have them in the house sometimes
when it gets too cold
you have to feed them
Just have to take care of them like it's your child
You know you can also go to shelters
if you want to get an animal
you can get one of those
dog in the shelters
they sit in the shelters
too long
they end up putting them to sleep
or doing something drastic to them
No doubt about it
you can always go to the PETA website
and learn how to help animals