B1A4 Interview [Eng Sub]

Uploaded by KoreaBillboard on 06.05.2012

I like "You Are My Girl"
This song is a fan song that was written for our fan club "Bana."
The lyrics "I was able to make this far because it was love at first sight" is for our fans.
That is why "You Are My Girl" is my favorite song.
I think all five of us have a different charm and I think that’s what they like about us.
I think they find it interesting that we have different charms and how a foreigner would come to another country.
We really feel good about that and that makes us work harder.
We felt like we were really loved.
We felt it especially during our promotional activities for this album.
We also heard that we were loved by our international fans.
So we have been spending every single day being thankful.
I don’t think there is anyone that is uncomfortable about doing promotions or being an idol.
We are just so grateful and happy to be doing what we love.
And I think everyone is doing a good job, so we don’t have any worries.
I think we were really lucky for the last year. We are thankful!
Our 1st studio album is out. We will try out best to show the best performances and let you guys hear good music.
Please continue to show us love, and to Billboard Korea as well!