Megamind - Trailer

Uploaded by WorldCinemaNews on 26.11.2010

Hi everyone from Anteprima Cinema!
Let’s see the trailer of the movie Megamind.
See you later with the news of today.
Megamind is the most ambitious super villain ever, with a single goal:
to eliminate his old rival, Metroman, to rule Metrocity.
After endless battles and struggles, Megamind accidentally kills Metroman,
and begins to dominate the city.
But he soon he realizes he no longer has a goal in his life and
decides to create a new superhero to fight against.
His new enemy, however, will prove far more evil than him.
The film will be released in our cinemas on December 17.
Let us see the recent home video releases: the sci-fi movie Splice,
Low Abiding Citizen with Gerald Butler and Jamie Foxx,
the last episode of Shrek Forever After,
The Karate Kid,
The Soloist starring Robert Downey Jr,
and the controversial Die Papstin.
That’s it for today!
See you soon!