Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance - [Part 18 ~ Symphony of Sorcery 1/2] (English Subs)

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Sora: Where am I?
Sora: Am I back at Yen Sid's castle?
Sora: Something's different, though...
Sora: King Mickey!
Sora: Is this thing harassing King Mickey!?
Sora: If so...
Mickey: Is that a Keyblade? Who's apprentice are you?
Mickey: I'm Mickey, an apprentice of the wizard.
Sora: Apprentice?
Sora: Is this the world when King Mickey was still training?
Sora: So is the world too sealed off by sleep?
Mickey: What's the matter?
Sora: O-oh nothing, I'm Sora.
Sora: Um, "who's apprentice"? Uhh...
Sora: Anyway, King-...
Sora: Oh yeah, Mickey
Sora: How can I help you?
Mickey: No, you mustn't.
Mickey: A monster has possessed the sheet music.
Mickey: The darkness flowing out is from the monster. It prevents anyone from entering.
Mickey: To dispel the darkness we need the power of sound.
Sora: The Dream Eater that got away is the culprit, huh?
Sora: How do I obtain the power of sound?
Mickey: Wha?! You're going to go for me?
Sora: Leave it to me!
Mickey: Thanks
Sora: There aren't many times when I can help you, anyway.
Mickey: Huh? What did you say?
Sora: Oh nothing, just something to myself.
Sora: Anyway, tell me about the power of sound
Mickey: Okay
Mickey: You should be able to obtain the power of sound that dispels the darkness inside this sheet music.
Mickey: But be careful
Mickey: There are monsters that haunt this sheet music too, although not as strong as the other one.
Sora: Got it
YMX: You've gotten mighty deep into sleep, haven't you...
Sora: You're that guy from before.
YMX: Such a beautiful world.
YMX: Just like a dream
Sora: Why are you following me?
YMX: Have you not noticed?
YMX: Or... do you think that this is still a part of your training?
YMX: And if you think I am but a figment of this dream...
YMX: you are as naive as I've heard.
Sora: What did you say!?
YMX: Nevertheless, that will also soon be over.
Sora: Just who are you?
YMX: I'll be waiting in the place that lies beyond sleep.
Sora: Hey!
Sora: What is he talking about...?
Mickey: Thank you, Sora
Mickey: You've obtained the power of sound.
Mickey: Now, unleash the power of sound!
Mickey: What? Is the power of sound not enough?
Sora: It's okay
Sora: In times when my power isn't enough, I am always helped by my friend who's far away.
Mickey: Wow!
Mickey: I see... By combing the sounds, they become music and enhance in power.
Sora: Yeah. If Riku and I can combine our powers then... I'm sure we can...
Sora: Alright, now I can go to where the monster is right?
Mickey: Yes, but...
Sora: It'll be okay. Well then, I'll be back.
Obtained Double Slide
Riku: Water? Is it coming from the floor above...?
Riku: Mickey!
Riku: Is he imprisoned by the darkness coming from this sheet music?
Mickey: You can't dispel that darkness by brute force.
Mickey: I'm Mickey, an apprentice of the wizard. You are?
Riku: Riku
Riku: If brute force won't do it, what should I do?
Mickey: Are you going to help me?
Riku: Yeah.
Mickey: Huh... I feel like...
Mickey: one of these days we'll become friends that'll help each other out.
Mickey: You should be able to obtain the power to dispel the darkness within this sheet music.
Mickey: Can I count on you?
Riku: Yeah, I got it. Leave it to me.