Global Advertiser Translator Toolkit: Introduction

Uploaded by GoogleChannelUK on 14.11.2010

In this video, we will demonstrate how you can use Translator Toolkit to translate AdWords
keywords and ad text. Translator Toolkit is an online, computer-aided
translation app that helps translators work faster, better and more collaboratively.
Faster. Translator Toolkit provides instantaneous machine translation allowing translators to
refine translations instead of starting from scratch
Better. Translator Toolkit saves the previous, manual corrections you have made. Over time,
it returns better and better results as you build up your translation memories
Collaboration. Translator Toolkit allows you to share files online with multilingual professionals.
For example if you are an ad manager, you may share you translation with multilingual
optimizers, translators or agencies who work on your translation. If you are a translator,
you may work with linguistic reviewers to check the quality of your translation.
In order to translate your AdWord campaigns in Translator Toolkit, you will need to use
AdWords Editor, a free, Google app for managing your AdWords campaigns.
We will first download and edit our existing campaigns using AdWords Editor. Then we'll
translate our campaigns using Translator Toolkit And finally we'll upload our translated campaigns
using AdWords Editor
Let's get started! We first need to dowload our existing campaigns
using Adwords Editor. If you don't already use AdWords Editor, you can install Editor
by going to
Once it's downloaded, it will appear on your desktop.
Now open AdWords Editor. If this is the first time you are using AdWords Editor, it will
automatically prompt you to enter your AdWords account. Click add account and enter the email
and password of your AdWords account. You can select the campaigns you want to dowload.
In this case, we want to go ahead and download all our AdWord campaigns. Our 4 campaigns
targeting hostels in Italy, Germany, the Netherlands and Britain now appear in the campaigns tab.
AdWords Editor downloads your complete campaign so, for example, you can also view the locations
you are targeting, the ad text or the keywords associated with each campaign
Now, going back to our campaign view, we now want to translate our Italian and German hostel
campaigns Select your campaigns, click edit and make
copies of these campaigns. Label the copies with the language in which you want to translate
your campaign. In this case, we will translate our campaigns into Spanish. These labeled
copies will help you keep track of what you have sent to translation.
We are now ready to dowload our relabeled campaigns to send them for translation. In
order to do this, Click file > Export backup> Export Selected Campaigns and AdGroups and
select your new-language campaigns. Click ok. AdWords Editor will then ask you where
you want to save your dowloaded file. In this case, we'll just save it on our desktop. Click
save. AdWords Editor will show you a dowload summary so you can see exactly what has been
exported. We are now ready to start translating your
campaigns using translator toolkit. You can reach translator toolkit by clicking on the
link from Google Translate. Or you can type in the URL: toolkit
directly into your browser. You’ll need to enter your Google account information to
use this service When you log in, you will see a list of your
translations. If this is the first time you’re using Translator Toolkit, this list will be
empty. Click upload to open the upload translation
screen. Click Choose File and select the file youdowloaded from AdWords Editor. Then, Select
the languages of your translation - in this case English to Spanish
Click sharing to specify the translation memory for your translation.
Translation memories is the location where your translation is saved. You can choose
to save your translation in a global shared translation memory that can be accessed by
anyone using Translator Toolkit or you can choose to save it in an unshared translation
memory. Unshared translation memories can only be accessed by you and the people to
whom you have given explicit access.
In this case, we want to keep out translations private so we'll select our own translation
When you're finished, click upload Translator Toolkit takes your file and automatically
translates your keyword and ad text using a combination of machine and human translations.
The human translations are texts that you have previously corrected in Translator Toolkit.
So for example, if you had previously translated Goodbye into Spanish as Hasta luego, Translator
Toolkit will prefer your previous translation over the machine translation, Adios.
The more translations you complete using Translator Toolkit, the better it gets over time.
Translator Toolkit displays your translation in three panes: a left nav that shows you
your campaigns and adgroups, a middle pane that shows you the original keyword and ad
text, and a third pane that shows the translation. In this case, the keywords and ad text are
in Spanish. Since automatic translation is not perfect,
you should review each keyword and ad text in the right panel and make corrections as
needed to fully localize or adapt the campaign into your language.
As you translate the campaign, you’ll find that translator toolkit automatically detects
errors in the translation.
In this case, habitacion barata Italia comes up twice so we want to remove this extra keyword.
In the ad text, Mas de cuatrociento hostales en Italia - Libro has more than 36 characters
so we'll have to adjust it. We'll stop there but you should go through your campaigns and
fix all the errors that you find. In particular, make sure your transled keywords and ad text
are localised, meaning that they make sense for your local market and not simply translated
word for word. Once you are happy with your translations,
click share > download to save your translation to your computer. In this case, we will again
save it to our desktop. Now reopen AdWords Editor. Click file > Import Account snapshot and choose
the translated file you previously saved from Translator Toolkit
Your translated campaigns will now appear under the campaigns tab. Click keep proposed
changes to accept the localized campaigns.
You will now want to delete the copies you made of your campaigns before you sent them
for translation. In our case, these are the copies that are labled spanish but that are
still in English Optionally, you can use AdWords Editor to
augment your new, localized campaign with additional keywords.
To do this, select your spanish campaign and then click Tools> Keyword Opportunities. Select
the language and country of your new campaign. In this case Spanish and Spain and then enter
your original keywords. The tool will then provide you with a list of suggested keywords
you may also want to use in your campaign. Select the ones you would like to include.
Add them and close.
You are now ready to run your translated campaigns in AdWords. Simply click post and your new
campaign will be posted to your AdWords account. Thanks for watching!
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