How to Make Balloon Animals : Making a Balloon Swan

Uploaded by expertvillage on 23.04.2008

Now today we're going to make a balloon swan. We've already got a few animals up our sleeve,
so it's nice to have a bird in with your creations. Now, you see how I've left a little bit of
space there, to make the beak. And, you can see how the shape of the swan's neck will
come to be. We're going to start by twisting the bottom, making our little balloon bubble
here. Twisting it, and we're going to be coming up to the bottom of the swan's neck. We'll
pinch and twist it. When you've done a few swans, you'll find out how long you'll want
your length of the swan's neck to be. Now, you can see I've got a bit of a circle here.
So I'm just going to fold it up, and find approximately where the half-way point is.
I'm going to be squeezing it all together, and twisting. That way you've now got it separated
into two parts. You'll see the one is slightly longer than the other. But that's OK, that's
the way we want it to be, because this smaller, err, shorter piece is going to fit right into
the longer one. You'll see. Pushing it down like that, and turn it around and see how
it's beginning to shape the back of the swan. And, I'll swing her neck around. I've just
guided it slightly into place. Pushing this back. I'll show you that again. See that space
there? Well, that's just going to be filled to the bottom of her neck. Pushing it back,
and setting it into place. Now, this is the hardest part of the swan, it's getting the
shape of the neck. So, first of all, we're just going to fold it over, and then fold
it again. So, we're just folding it. Just gently squeeze on the top. You see that? Just
rolling it down, rolling it down. So I just do it one more time. We can push the air out
the beak just a little bit, just a little bit. But not, we don't want to fill it right
to the end, because that will ruin the whole of the beak shape. And, there we've got a
lovely shape of the swan. We're going to put the eyes of the swan on it. Make it a graceful,
little girl swan. Put the eyelashes on. I give a little curl, as well, to the end of
the eye. Just a little bit of a marking there, give it a little bit of an elongated shape
of her eye. So, as you can see, there she goes your balloon swan.