The Beauty Inside. Episode 2: Leah

Uploaded by TheBeautyInsideFilm on 23.08.2012

Blood pressure is good, heart, lungs and kidneys all check out fine.
Do you have any questions?
Is there anything wrong with me?
Yes, your cholesterol is elevated.
- Tomorrow it won't be. - If you don't adapt your diet,
you're going to wake up one day
and find out that you don't recognise what happened to your life.
He said it!
I snuck into Dodger Stadium last night.
I've tried a dozen times before and I've always gotten caught.
Got a dozen first-time warnings.
But last night I made it.
I went and I carved my initials in the outfield wall.
Went and sat on the pitcher's mound and I ate a Dodger dog.
That's it from me.
I only get a certain amount of time and then it runs out.
It pretty much takes long-term relationships off the table.
...which is kind of a fun detail.
Also, you can see the oak finish is beautiful. It's all done by hand.
It's early 19th century, just a really rare beautiful piece.
And also, if you press the pedals, down there,
you can see it still reacts.
It's... yeah, it's really, really special.
I'll be right with you, sir. Let me know if you have any more questions.
I can start with a few pieces here. I don't know if you're familiar with
this kind of detailed European furnace work...
It's Swedish.
- It is Swedish, yes. - Very nice.
You have early and late?
- We do. - Too much to ask?
No, no. I'd love to show you. We have several.
Yeah, it's beautiful.
It's lovely the way it's just...
it's somebody's old desk, it hasn't been changed at all.
Sometimes we think we buy this kind of thing...
just to give ourselves a bit of somebody else's life.
It has another chance of a life with us.
There's two people's hands touching it.
Nicer than just spray polish, I think.
I think this piece was constructed around the time of the famines
and gold was scarce.
There's probably some silver in here as well.
You see?
I'm Leah by the way.
Very pleased to meet you. How did you get into antiques?
It is a long story.
All journeys have secret destinations of which the travellers are unaware.
It's Martin Buber, I'm sorry, I'm reading him.
- I've never heard of him. - Great, well...
That's not surprising to me
because there's not a lot of money in philosophy apparently, so...
Well, there is if you've got the right one, isn't there?
You know what, I'm going to get you my card.
I'll be right back.
I've been here a hundred times.
Was I not paying attention?