User Generated Story: "Nina's World"

Uploaded by answers on 09.08.2012

A huge part of my work is just finding interesting objects
that have a kind of past and a history to them.
And they’re usually old things and half-battered and worn
and often it’s just sort of a fragment of an object.
So then you have to kind of wonder about this object
and what’s happened to it or what its history was
and you kind of piece together a sort of puzzle.
This throw-away society that we live in – I really hate that.
So I want to reuse things that have been thrown away
and give them new life and create something beautiful out of things
that have been discarded and abandoned.
That’s a really big part of my work
and pretty much all the materials I use are found.
So I do spend quite a lot of time looking for things
and hunting for things.
That’s really important.
And not buying more things, not needing to use up more resources,
but using what’s already there.
We’re sort of not encouraged to use our imaginations
that much as we get older.
We’re supposed to be serious and get on with our jobs
be adults and do adult things.
I think a lot of us are just so busy doing our nine to five thing
and just running full steam ahead
that we do lose touch with the child-like part of ourselves
and the part that is fascinated by simple things.
As a kid, I used to love just lying down in the grass in the summertime
and just looking up at the clouds
and you create all of these shapes and weird creatures and monsters.
And just doing simple things like that is just so fulfilling and so simple.
I guess a lot of the time people don’t realize
that you can actually make something really beautiful
or make something new out of old things
and not necessarily have to throw everything away.
You can take things apart
and build something new out of it.
It’s just educating people about it really, isn’t it?