On Kpop Companies Buying Songs

Uploaded by simonandmartinabonus on 21.06.2011

Ok, so lately we've been reading a lot comments on youtube and on other sites
about SM Entertainment buying other people's songs,
and we're really torn as to what side to take
because there seems to be a lot of issues in play.
Oh Really? Cause I think it's pretty clear.
SM entertainment is a multimillion dollar company
that wants to keep pumping out hits.
The quickest way to do that is to buy songs from other companies
because it's easier than hiring songwriters
to make originals for their hard working artists.
Yeah, you can say that, but
Well so what if they don't they write their own songs, or hire songwriters?
You're right, they are an entertainment company
and their job is to release entertaining music.
If they hear a good song, whether it be a demo or not,
they buy it and then they put their energy
in creating original choreography and music videos.
Yeah, but doesn't that make the message of the song seem less sincere?
Sure, some of the songs they bought were only demos,
never to be released by the group that originally recorded it,
but I can still find them on the internet
and feel weirded out to know that song was rejected
and passed on to another group.
I want songs personalized and written only for SM artists.
I don't want to know that these songs can be so easily passed around.
Yeah I think that's a really good point
Majority of entertainers all over the world
have their songs written for them by somebody else.
So what's the difference?
Even if SM hired a songwriter for each of their groups,
they're still singing songs that aren't fully theirs.
What's important is that once a k-pop band receives a song,
whether it be written for someone else or for them,
it's their job is to make it their own
via their dancing, vocal talents, and passion.
It doesn't matter if it was written for them personally or not,
they'll make it their own song.
Yeah, well I would still prefer SM to hire songwriters
to craft a personalized song for their groups
rather than buying pre-made music.
Yeah well that's a good point but I think that you smell.
What? You're the one that smells!
[Epic Celestial Battle with crappy animation skills!]
Personally, we do feel that entertainment companies
should put more effort into creating personalized songs,
only because the kpop artists work so damn hard
and they deserve custom songs.
But, custom made or not, we do think that the internet rage is totally misdirected,
as it becomes a fan war on the artists' page,
which is totally unfair.
I don't know. What do you think?
Leave your votes in the comments and we'll announce the winners next week.
Actually no. We won't announce the winners next week.
That's another show.
It's kind of a bad habit I have that I should