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HOST: The Glee Project searches for new talent.
Happy Feet Two waddles to theaters.
And Paul Becker talks Breaking Dawn dancing.
This is Just Dance for November 17, 2011.
You know Glee is one of the hottest shows on television
when you have to audition to audition to be on the show.
Thousands of hopefuls showed up for auditions for the
potential second season of The Glee Project.
These performers were hoping to impress Robert Ulrich, the
casting director for the show with their unique
personalities and flawless singing voices.
We also caught up with Damian McGinty last year's winner.
DAMIAN MCGINTY: I think there's two important pieces
of advice, the most important.
And one of them is you have to believe in yourself.
If you don't believe in yourself, then nobody else is
going to believe in you.
You know, you have to believe that you are good enough, that
you as a person, you're a good enough person and that you can
inspire writers to write for you.
Because that's what it's all about you know.
It's not a singing competition.
It's not an acting competition.
It's not a dancing competition.
It's everything combined.
ROBERT ULRICH: The Glee Project is great, because,
like Glee, it's open to professionals, as Damian
really was, as well as people who have only sung in the
shower, who have never even auditioned
for a person before.
So it's just a great thing.
HOST: The 2011 American Music Awards will be airing this
Sunday night on ABC.
There is a laundry list of dance heavy performances from
today's favorites including Justin Bieber, Katy Perry,
Chris Brown, and LMFAO.
Let's check in with Miss P to see what she expects from the
main event.
MISS P: Hey, what's up, everybody?
Let's talk about the AMAs.
Ooh, opening Nicki Minaj and David Guetta.
I love them.
Chris Brown.
She ain't you.
Know she ain't you.
Maroon 5.
I got the moves like Jagger.
Katy Perry.
I love her.
Christina Aguilera.
Oh, yeah.
Artist of the year.
It's between Adele, Lady Gaga, Taylor Swift, Katy
Perry, or Lil Wayne.
Who in the world made these nominations?
I really think it's between Lady Gaga and Lil Wayne.
All right, y'all.
Peace and love.
HOST: For all of you Twihards out there, I'm sure you're
getting uber-pumped for the next installment of the
Twilight Saga.
Yes, Edward and Bella are back on the big screen in Breaking
Dawn Part One.
We're checking in now with the choreographer of the film,
Paul Becker, for what his experience was
like working on Twilight.
PAUL BECKER: There's a scene with Taylor Lautner in the
forest, him and Bella, having their final dance before he's
going to let her go.
And it was more of a dialogue scene, romantic style dance.
We had about a month of rehearsal, because we had--
they had such busy schedules.
Shooting in Vancouver, shooting in Whistler, shooting
in the forest.
Go check out Twilight, November 18, 2011.
HOST: A while back, I was telling you guys about this
competition, the Smirnoff Nightlife Exchange Project,
where one lucky dancer from around the world will be
chosen to tour with Madonna in 2012.
The competition took place this weekend.
And after an excruciating dance battle in front of
Madonna herself, Lil Buck was crowned the champion.
So congratulations, Lil Buck.
Can't wait to see your moves on the tour with Madonna.

The cute, cute, cute little penguins from Happy Feet are
back for Happy Feet Two.
The second installment 3D animated movie comes out this
weekend and is filled to the brim with heavy dance scenes.
Wade Robson is the choreographer of our little
feathery friends.
Two of my favorite numbers are going to be "Rhythm Nation"
and "I'm Bringing Fluffy Back." What?

Triple threat Hugh Jackman is back on Broadway with his
one-man show showing off his incredible singing voice and
smooth moves.
I personally love the style of the show.
It really is a back to Broadway feel.
Top hat, cane, background dancers.
The show is directed and choreographed by Warren
Carlyle and only runs in New York City for the next 10
weeks, so don't miss it.
The countdown to the 50th anniversary of West Side Story
is complete.
They hit their mark on Tuesday.
The Academy Award winning film is now available on Blu-ray
and as part of a limited edition of box sets.
Also, to celebrate they had a red carpet private screening
in LA, and Just Dance was there.
RITA MORENO: I never thought this film would
even be around now.
Because, you know, if you think about it in another way,
a leading lady singing in an operatic voice.
The gangs of boys are doing dances with
odd balletic steps.
And I remember saying to George, George, I just found
out that they're going to charge $5 for the tickets.
And there's reserved seats for a movie.
They'll never come.
I really said that.
CORBIN BLEU: You have musical numbers like "Cool" and like
"America" and just such powerful dance numbers.
And of course, it's such a beautiful romance story, one
that, of course, coincides with Romeo and Juliet and even
High School Musical.
You know you have two people, two lovers, who come from
different worlds, who are forbidden to see each other,
and it's definitely something I think
everybody can relate to.
Everybody's had some sort of secret romance at some point.
HOST: To really make the anniversary count Dance On put
together a flash mob, which took place in the heart of
Times Square, where Josh Bergasse recreated classic
Jerome Robbins choreography on 50 New York City
professional dancers.
Click here to check it out.
OK, all you diehard Dancing with the Stars fans
who's your money on?
The finale is next week.
If you missed this week's episode, never fear.
Always check out our episode of FYI, where celebrities
bring you the latest news from Dancing with the Stars.
This week, we've brought back Lauren
Gottlieb and Todrick Hall.
Adam Sandler's new movie, Jack and Jill, raked it in at the
box office this weekend.
Spoiler alert there is an amazing dance scene at the end
of the movie, starring Al Pacino, and it
involves flying donuts.
I did get the chance to catch up with choreographer Jamal
Sims and also Dondraico Johnson about what went into
this amazing finale.
JAMAL SIMS: So basically in Jack and Jill there's a set up
where Al Pacino's character actually falls in love with
Jill, who is Adam Sandler's sister, right?
Al Pacino, he's basically dancing and rapping in a
Dunkin' Donut's commercial, so he did all the dancing.
And even more, like he came in and killed it.
DONDRAICO JOHNSON: He actually wanted more actually.
The concept with is was like a hip hop Busby Berkeley type.
So there's a lot of staging that feels Broadwayesque, but
still keep it in the hip hop kind of genre.
DONDRAICO JOHNSON: Keep it modern, you know.
Al PACINO: I just want to say this is simply the craziest
thing I've ever done.
HOST: That's it dance fans.
I'll see you next week.
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