Markeloff Summer Secrets - Episode 3 - The University (with Eng subtitles)

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- The second educational institution, where Yegor Markeloff
wasnít studying but was listed is his university.
- Was in the list.
- Was in the list.
- Ok, so tell us about the university.
- There you can see the inspection board in that building.
There were lists of applicants and in that place
you could learn whether you entered the university or not.
When I came here I learned that I entered,
though my minimum score number was less
than it should be, but as I made a contribution
for ìjalousie,î everything was ok.
- Quite easy here.
- We made it, yeah. I hope that when we come
to the Deanís office there wonít be a list with my surname crossed.
- How have you graduated from this university?
- Iíve got only Bachelorís degree, I didnít apply
for the Masterís degree, because I donít need it.
- Is it enough for you?
- Yeah, of course. If I apply for a job than higher education
with a Bachelorís degree is enough in 95% situations.
But if Iíd like to work as a statesman or something like that,
than it will be necessary to have a Masterís degree in your occupation.
- Is it a backyard?
- Yes. Besides, recently a free Wi-Fi appeared at the university!
- Oh, really? I canít believe that! Thatís really cool!
- Yes, weíve got free Wi-Fi in the whole university!
And hereís an Economic Department, yeah,
Shalapov Alexander Ivanovich. So everything happed here:
when we had to learn something we came to this place,
where girls-assistants were sitting and asked them
for a loan slip to repeat an examination.
ìIíve given you 10 pieces already!î
so I spent here a lot of time.
If I was in the university - I was here.
- So did you study here as well as at school?
- No, worse.
- Oh, even worse?
- Well, yes, it will be big words to say I was studying,
rather I attended the university.
- Which subjects did you like?
- English, I was at all the classes. I can say that
during the first term I was present at all the classes.
I liked Political Economy very much we had it
since the beginning, History so-so, I liked English,
Psychology and I think thatís all. Political Economy
was very interesting for me as a subject itself
and in addition we had a really good tutor, Kirienko or not,
I donít remember exactly, but in general I liked it.
She made her subject very understandable,
with interesting examples. But soon this subject had finished
and we had different classes like Economics and different stuff
which was really uninteresting for me. Our university is cool.
On the backyard weíve got a fountain in its center.
Talking about birds, here you can see my lyceum
where Iíve been studied for a half a year on the last floor
of this building. The whole floor is the lyceum.
- And thatís all?
- Yes, the whole floor. Well, thatís ok.
Besides, Yegor ìpopsî Zinoviev was my classmate there.
- You know, Dnepropetrovsk surprised me a lot.
Iíve never seen such lyceums.
- Yeah. And in this building I had the most number
of my classes. Itís very popular place, the building # 10
if Iím not mistaken. It deals with almost all economical
and financial subjects. Thereís no elevator here,
so when youíre late for your class,
you have to get to the 7th floor by going up the steps.
So when you are there at last, you are in the state like this.
- So you were worrying when you were late
and tried to be in time! Because Iíve never done that!
- From time to time. Sometimes Iíve been doing that
when it was necessary for me, otherwise it will be the end.
Hereís the central yard with the central building #1 ñ
the universityís main building. There are the rest.
During the pause hereís an enormous crowd here.
- Smokers?
- Yeah, smokers, those who try to exchange
the cribs and so on. Right here we have a smoking place.
- Yes, we can recognize it at once.
- We have benches inside and so on, so itís rather good there
if you want to smoke, to have a rest and skip your class.
Iíve got an interesting but a little bit dull fact ñ
Dnepropetrovsk is the only city in the whole CIS maybe,
where classes are called ìtapes.î Itís like the 1st tape, the 2nd and so on.
- Oh, unbelievable! Does this fact have any history?
- I havenít found out. I tell you about classes,
but I didnít used to call them in this way.
So, such an interesting fact.
- Tell us about your girlfriends during your student life.
- There was a really cool girl, studying on the parallel group
and everything was fine until one mishap happened.
Itís very private story. Shit happens. Now sheís married,
everything is ok, but I really loved her.
- Who broke your relationship, she or you?
- She.
- Oh? Why?
- Well I was the first to do it for little and then
she was the next to spoil it completely.
- Youíve done it for a little. It was like you offended her
and she cheated on you with another guy?
- Something like that.
- Ok.
- Well, thatís all; here we can see
the central building again. And hereís fast food, like pizzeria,
we also were hanging out here for long.
- Youíve got a cool life.
- And here you can see ìNirvanaî itís also really good there.
They cook me favorite salad.
- And Iím the one who knows its recipe.
Yeah, I know the way to Markeloffís heart.
And now letís go to the shop and Iíll make it for you.
- Ok, Iíd love it as Iím already hungry.
- Deal.
- Yegor.
- Yeap.
- If you like playing CS why do you give up playing it?
- If someboby didnít give me a drop
I can give him a smack on his jaw!
- Oh, Marik, I saw you playing on the weekend,
youíre so cool, so good luck to you.