2012 Charlotte 49ers Fall Sports Preview - Volleyball

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welcome inside the Broadcast Communications studio in the Library everybody Ryan Rose with you
We are taking a look at Charlotte Forty-niners volleyball we've got head coach Chris Redding back again
he's from New York
we've got senior Bianca Rouse she's from Columbia, South Carolina there she is and
junior Amanda Videmsek who is from just outside of Cleveland so we've got
a nice mix and I'm a local guy so we've got
and nice mix of personality here
Coach it's an Olympic year so there's been a lot of Olympic, there's the beach and the team
and as that kind of starts into your seasons does that get it a little extra fired
up as you guys kind of roll from
Team USA into Team Charlotte as we get ready for this year?
Yeah I mean we're all volleyball enthusiasts we love it
you get to watching you go 'Oh man the season's starting let's go.'
And USA volleyball is awesome we love it and it's been exciting.
For you, ladies did you get a chance to get a peek and get kinda get fired for this
season? It rolls right into your preseason, it's awesome. Yeah, I know I love watching Olympics especially
and when you see it you just want to get on the court and play.
Yes, same here. I love watching it wishing I was out there in the Olympics. Why aren't you?
A couple more years maybe.
A very high level of volleyball which is what a lot of fans have come to see here
and when I say a lot of fans
you guys have built up quite the following here over the last several years we're seeing
attendance of over four figures
into Halton Arena. What's that been like?
uh... we had seven matches over a thousand last year I think the Dig
Pink with eighteen hundred
Well, we play some fast fun volleyball and I attribute it to these guys
of their involvement both on campus and in the community we do
a lot that way and uh...
we've got a good following and uh... it makes it fun to come here and play.
And Bianca you guys do a lot of work out in the community you're out at Panthers games, you're
out at local restaurants generating
interest for the squad and monies for the Dig Pink
Talk about that whole atmosphere. This is your fourth year now, so you're old hat at it
but what's that like interacting with people of the community.
I think is great and we get to meet a lot of people and you know get them to come
out to our games as well so
pretty exciting. Two thousand plus people a couple of years ago for that last match of
the year I know it was kinda staggered with basketball what's it like to
play in front of that many people at home? It's amazing. The energy they bring onto
the court for you, it just
makes you want to play even more and get excited to play for Charlotte. Now it's tight in the
the last team in in the last couple of years was in on a tiebreaker.
and obviously that means somebody was out on a tiebreaker. What kind of lesson can you
kinda teach the team about look every single point matters because if you drop a
set that could be a tie-breaker at the end of the year.
Are you referring to me being bitter from last year?
The last match we beat Rhode Island in five but it came down to sets and not
the match and
yeah we're better
but it's that much more important now with two more teams in
the conference
we're definitely going to be prepared for that this year we got jammed up a little bit with
starting the conference off last year but no excuses we're going to be ready
and we're gonna rock this year and I'm going to make sure I do my
job so they can do there job on the court how about that? There was that
little lull in the middle of the season when a few players were down times were tough
you kind of bounced back at the end
when you look back on it Bianca lesson learned there that you know it's
important every single set because even if you win a match but win it three-one that
set could being the big difference
are you able to talk to the young players about how important that kinda
stuff is? Yes and I'm sure most of them know as well that it is very important
playing club and high school so
and they're also going to feed off of us too. Yeah, these are your captians this year
so let's talk about the young folks coming in. Five.
Five freshmen that's a lot of folks so when you lose three seniors last year
that means a lot of turnover
Kind of give us your, let's start with Amanda your evaluation of this young court
Well we've been able to play with them this summer a little bit and kind
of get like the vibe of them and see how they're doing
and just being able to interact with them is great on the court and also off the court
because chemistry for teams starts off the court so I think this summer's been great to
just be with them and hang out with them and also play with them a little get ready for
preseason. And with a new setter too you've got to work with that person on your
relationship you two are the big hitters on the team talk about that Bianca how
important that is for you guys to get
into a groove early.
I mean it's a lot of competition there so I think that's really good for
our team you know, so
but you also said that
defense is going to be important for you guys. Yeah well with fourteen
players were going to have competition so that that's the best thing and
competition always makes you better
then from starting off this season our focus is on defense
we're going to be a shut down defense we have to be with
a graduating three your starting setter and having a new setter start so
we're going to be nasty I'm going to make sure we're going to be nasty on defense uh... balls
aren't going to drop on our side of the court that's the mentality we're going to have as we get
going here and then into conference play. And that leads me to the
last question, two new teams in the league this year so there's some
adjusting to be done VCU you'll play twice
Butler actually will be the Dig Pink match so fans will get a good taste of the team
from Indianapolis but
your evaluation of the league as it sits right now going to be maybe even
more competitive than it has been. Yeah both of those teams are agreat fit for the
conference they come in right in that bulk of teams
that are all battling it out so like we talked about before
every match is even more important even every set is that much more important
it's exciting it's fun to play new people and hopefully
we'll give Butler a little shock with fifteen hundred to two thousand fans at that Dig Pink match
and scare them little bit witht that. Welcome them into the league properly, listen you guys
have a great season
ladies of best of health and best of luck this year
we're expecting big things and we're gonna see big things
me and a lot of people will be there to watch big things
I'm sure coming up this season Good luck.
Let's send everybody out with a Go Niners! Coach Chris Redding, Bianca Rouse the senior
junior Amanda Videmsek
from all of us to all of you, we will see you out at Halton Arena
Go Niners!