Gran Turismo 5 & Xbox Live TV Details - IGN Daily Fix 10.05.11

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What’s up world, Naomi here with your Fix for Wednesday, October 5th.
Last week we detailed some possible TV providers for the upcoming Xbox Live TV service. Today,
Microsoft officially confirmed these plans via a series of press releases.
Rumored bigshots like Verizon and Comcast are now confirmed, as are BBC TV, HBO Go,
Bravo, and Syfy. In total, Microsoft has announced over 50 different entertainment partners so
far, promising that each channel will be instantly searchable with just your voice.
As promised at E3, Xbox Live TV will feature Kinect support, making the experience “more
personal, social and effortless.” So what do you guys think? Will you use this new service,
or just switch over to your TV like always, Let your voice be heard in the comments section
below. Moving on, Gran Turismo 5 is getting a much
needed tune-up. The series’ creator recently spilled the beans on the forthcoming Spec
2.0 update, detailing 15 new pieces of content for the game.
Listening to fan feedback, Yamauchi explained via his Twitter feed that there’s more DLC
on the way, such as a racing car pack, a course pack, and more. Keep it locked to IGN for
new details, but in the meantime hit up the link below. It’s got everything you need
to know about the Spec 2.0 update. In release date news, Capcom’s survival
horror juggernaut will be returning to its roots this year on the 3DS with the release
of Resident Evil: Revelations. On February 7th of this year, you can join Jill Valentine
and Chris Redfield as they fill in the dots between RE4 and RE5. And if Japanese gangster
zombies are more your thing, check out Yakuza: Dead Souls. The title will see a western release
in March of 2012. Tomorrow, October 6th, IPL 3 kicks off and
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