Black Jack OVA - Full Episode 7 (Official & HQ with subtitles)

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Okay, that's it!
Oh, Yasuhiko, want to go next?
-Nakamura, go on. -Okay.
Our kendo group's legendary senior
has offered to challenge you.
Japanese National Champion 3 years in a row throughout his school years.
And he graduated at the top of his class in medical school.
Now he's the head of surgery
at the Touzai University Hospital.
This is Shirabyoushi Yasuhiko.
What's wrong? If you don't come, I will.
Thank you very much!
- Next!
- Yes, please!
Sir, we've arrived at home.
Welcome home.
Master Yasuhiko, Catherine is here.
Hm? OK.
Did I keep you waiting?
No, I am the one to come all of a sudden.
Were you at the University Dojo again?
After a big surgery,
I feel very sharp.
If I don't work out, I can't sleep.
What is it? We already chose the church for the wedding.
The honeymoon is perfectly planned.
Is something wrong?
Yasuhiko.. I love you with all my heart.
Me too,
I want to ask you to delay our wedding date by a year.
No, for a half a year.
But, the plan.
What about all the plans we made?
I'm so sorry.
I know that you're the kind of person who hates to change plans.
But I have made my decision after thinking about it for a long time.
I also resigned from the medical board today.
How terrible. That you're going away.
I can't see you at my work place now?
Yasuhiko, please listen to me.
You just told me that you loved me!
But you...
Yasuhiko, listen to me!
Please, listen...!
Listen to me. You know what's happening too, right?
A civil war broke out in Adental
because a few people were fighting over power.
The homes of many innocent people burned down,
and people are being hurt and killed.
Many people are rushing to the border
and are sick and suffering.
How is that related to our marriage?
I am a doctor,
but also a member of a medical volunteer association
But you are not the only member.
I made my own decision.
I have to do this now.
But if I marry you,
love you, and have your children,
I won't be able to make a decision like this.
It's only half a year. Is our love something
that would die in half a year?
- No. - Then kiss me.
And say "good-bye".
You lonely and perfectionist surgeon...
Good bye.
Now you are finally in a better mood.
My dearest Shirabyoushi Yasuhiko.
It's been two weeks since I've arrived in Adental.
The camps are devestating beyond imagination.
There are about 200 million people
in about 7 hectares of land.
And before we could even treat the sick and injured,
we ran out of food and equipment
and are dealing with that.
Until international help arrives,
Until international help arrives,
my group and I are just surviving the place.
But today,
I met a very odd person
in the middle of the desert.
This man
wore a black coat in the middle of the desert sun,
and had a surgical scar on his face.
He also had something like a medical bag with him.
Is everything all right?
As you can see, my engine overheated.
Where are you headed?
The refugee camp on the border.
Oh, then please get on.
We're returning there now.
I appreciate it.
Who are you? What do you want at the camp?
What's inside that bag?
Could it be a bomb?
They say terrorists will kill the refugees.
You think I'm a terrorist?
It can't be helped. I'll look for another cab.
Wait! You're walking to the camp?
It's 10 kilometers away!
Later I learned
who he was.
I will tell you what happened in the next letter.
Black and White
What's wrong, Catherine?
10 km in the desert.
It was midnight
by the time he arrived at the camp.
Stop! Please stop!
You can't go any further!
That's a mine field!
Slowly retrace your footsteps and back up.
Have some soup, too.
You're body will warm up.
At night,
the desert's temperature can drop below zero.
Thank you.
You are wreckless -- to walk across a desert.
I went after you with the truck,
but I couldn't find you. I'm sorry.
- Are you all volunteers? - Yes.
There should be a girl named Karen in this camp.
She is five, and is with her mother.
If you know her, please tell me.
- Karen? - Karen Aramis.
Her mother's name is Saranda.
Wait a second...
Hey, there's another book. Check it.
Karen has Tetralogy of Fallot (TOF)
and she needs to be treated.
You're a doctor?
Could it be?
Are you...
I beg you.
1 million dollars.
I'll give it to you in cash --
whatever you want.
She has TOF.
She has TOF.
We can see that her heart is fat
and her artery is very narrow.
She is my granddaughter,
and is like an angel to me.
I heard that it's a difficult surgery
and that not every doctor can do it.
So I wanted to ask you to do it.
Hey you guys!
Ask the doctor for the surgery!
Yes, sir!
Please, doctor!
To tell you the truth, I was born in this country
and my grandaughter lives in the capital,
Dental City.
The Shuttle Bus to Dental City
will depart at 12:15."
"Announcement to all foreigners:
As of 11 A.M.,
The Adental airport
is in control of the army.
All foreign entry visas
have expired.
Please obey the orders of the army."
this man got away from the army
and headed to Dental City to take care of his patient.
But the city was already greatly damaged
and most people had fled for the border.
The patient and her familly
were missing.
And for two months,
he wandered the war-torn Adental
and arrived at this refugee camp
after following his leads.
I am very impressed.
I have never encountered a doctor
who would have come all this way
even after being asked.
"This is recent footage from the Adental Republic.
The civil war continues.
The refugee camps on the borders are overflowing.
But refugees continue to arrive,
trying to escape from the war.
International aid is urgently needed."
This feels like a cruel joke.
He's been gone for a month without telling me where he's going
and hasn't called once.
Did he get into a big accident or something?
Maybe he's really sick and can't move?
Or did he get cheated by some woman?
Doctor... What's going on?
Just give me a call!
No matter what happens, just call!
Doctor, what's going on?
I was so sad!
My name is Peterson, from New York.
Has there been any news
from the doctor?
What? Patason or Peterson or whatever.
I'm the one who is waiting for news.
Is that so... So no calls yet...
My apologies.
Sir, hang in there!
- You're going to get sick. - Shut up!
Over here! Here!
Did you check? Are you sure?
It wasn't in the book,
but I asked around and got a hit.
I heard that there's a kid about to die and a mother who has lost her mind.
That's right... Let us pray.
For lots of white pigeons to come
and carry us
above the church tops.
Soon we'll see a big oasis
and everyone is playing in the water.
And it gives us peace.
Now... Let's go, Karen.
Just let me die!
Karen is dead. She is dead!
Who is dead?
Mother, Karen hasn't died yet.
Pulse 120 very weak, BP 70,
shock score level 2.
This is a common symptom of TOF:
anaerobic shock.
I want to operate on her as soon as possible,
but is there a place with enough light?
Yes, Doctor.
Please use our tent.
We don't have much except basic medial supplies.
I will assist.
Are you a doctor?
Yes, I graduated from New York State Medical School
and, until recently, was part of
the surgical department in Touzai University Hospital.
If you are a surgeon, then I would like to ask you to assist me.
Thank you.
- Forceps.
- Yes.
Seperate the left 5th and 6th ribs.
Get ready to open her up.
Yes, standing by.
From here, we will open the narrowed artery
and close up the hole in the heart.
- Okay.
Inject Prochain Amid
Prochain Amid injected.
Great, that is the heart beat I want.
That's good.
- Suction.
- Yes.
Take care, Sir.
- Good morning, Doctor. - Good morning.
Today, we only have two surgeries?
Yes. At 10 am, there is a surgery to remove a clot in the brain,
and in the afternoon, there is a pituitary adenoma surgery. - Okay.
Oh, and how is Mr. Nakai doing in the building 3?
He is well.
Then give him Dekistorin 500cc and Endochisan 40 mg.
Yes, sir.
Dear Yasuhiko,
It was an amazing surgery.
The only equipment he used was the temporary surgery bed,
and the light was from
a small light bulb.
The IV was replaced with saline solution.
And there was a sand storm outside
running at the speed of 20m per second!
To me,
a person who took modern equipment
that's connected to computers
for granted,
his surgery never ceased to surprise me.
His perfect skill with the scalpel,
and his own way of approaching the body.
Doctor, if you administer some more Bradnin.
No. Bradnin can cause side effects after the surgery.
Think of the immune system of a five-year-old girl.
I'm sorry.
It's not just about using medicine.
The girl is doing well.
Hang in there.
Strongly and kindly,
he cheered on
the fading five-year-old girl's life
more than anyone.
Probably throughout the entire surgery.
You're such a romantic, Catherine.
You can't save a life only with love. You idiot.
Dr. Shirabyoushi, to the surgery room please.
Who is assisting me today?
Dr. Tanaka and Dr. Tooyama.
Yasuhiko, I think you know
about this man;
he's Dr. Black Jack.
Ma'am, the surgery is done for now.
We can take care of the rest
in a well-equipped hospital later.
Doctor! Dr. Black Jack! Please wake up!
The helicopter is here.
I was able to get in touch with Professor Stanfield.
He used to be my teacher at university.
He was interested
in the case of the TOF girl.
So he prepared a helicopter for us from New York.
He is an influential figure in the cardio surgery department.
Doctor, quickly.
Doctor, please take a look at my son.
She stepped on a minefield... I don't know what to do.
Her fever won't go down, and her diarrhea is terrible.
you are the only person I can trust right now.
Catherine! What are you doing? Hurry up!
Why don't you let Dr. Stanfield
take care of the post op procedures?
I did not come here to volunteer.
And I don't treat patients without getting paid.
Please! Only until the international aid force comes.
It's only a short while!
$1 per person!
I won't take any less.
But those who don't have any money can owe me.
I won't charge interest.
Give my regards to Stanfield.
Line up!
Those who are very sick and those who are young come first.
There is a person who insists on meeting you.
Who is it? A detective? A lawyer? A cop?
Or a person from a casino?
No... It's...
Are you Peterson?
- You're that girl on the phone... - Ding ding!
Bingo! I'm the secretary of Dr. Black Jack, Pinoko.
And I've come all the way to New York.
Um... Um... Um... What if...
What if the doctor calls home or something?
You have to be at home!
Don't worry. No problem!
If I have this, I can take all calls that reach home.
The world has become very convienient.
Oh.. I see...
"We're live with breaking news.
Finally, UN forces have crossed the borders of Adental.
They have intervened in the civil war.
With this the civil war in Adental will end soon."
Great! Great!
Now little lady, please eat more.
Doctor will come back once the war is over.
It is my fault that I asked him to take care of
my grandaughter in Adental. But I never knew that a civil war would break out.
I'm sorry for his trouble.
We heard that he stayed
in Adental as a volunteer.
Since he's still there, we can't be sure of his safety.
Thanks for the meal!
Little lady. Please meet my grandaughter, Karen.
She is in a hospital in New York now.
You will be a good friend to her.
- Um, how old is she?
- She's five years old.
No! I only treat those over 17!
And only handsome men!
Good morning, Karen.
How do you feel?
Good morning, Dr. Catherine.
Dr. Stanfield. I feel great!
She had no fever last night, and she slept well.
Your pulse is now stable,
now, then show me your tongue.
Oh, that is a very long tongue!
I can lick my nose with my tongue.
That is great!
Catherine, Dr. Black Jack's surgical record?
Yes, it's here.
Ok, Karen
show me your beautiful scar!
- Okay!
Doctor Catherine!
The phone's for you.
When are you done?
Do you want pasta for lunch? Maybe a hotdog?
Oh my!
Oh my... You finally remembered my voice!
I took two weeks off,
Of course, to be with you.
For them to not have you for two weeks,
I guess the first surgical department is in chaos now.
They always depended on you.
If someone dies when I am gone,
it is all your fault.
Oh come on!
Oh what should we do?
Actually, Dr. Stanfield called me.
He did?
Yes, the professor called in an emergency meeting for special committee.
Of course, if you weren't in New York,
I wouldn't have come.
Welcome, Papa.
Now Karen, here's today's surprise.
This is grandpa's friend,
I came from a very long way!
A very long way!
You! You guys get out.
Out of this room!
Once upon a time,
there was a young man and a young woman.
The man had long brown hair and had earrings,
and the woman was on drugs all the time,
and had neurovegetative dystonia
due to bulimia.
But they loved each other.
They wanted to live together,
even in a small room.
What a sad story...
The man was a scamp in the town
and the girl worked in a small convenience store.
My girlfriend,
she works in the gas station.
It has nothing to do with you!
Just shut up and listen!
Then one day, the girl couldn't reach the man,
and the girl went crazy.
I want to see you,
I want to see you...
I want to see you, Doctor!
Oh, it's Dr. Black Jack.
You have finally come!
We waited for two months.
The boss was so...
It's okay. Boss, he's here now!
Great. Okay. Make sure to be nice to him.
He's here? Doctor's here?
Yes, he has arrived safe.
Yes, he has arrived safe.
It's good to be here, Doctor.
Shirabyoushi, it's good to see you again.
Professor Stanfield.
Oh Dr. Robinson. Sorry to make you come all the way from Sydney.
Now, let's go to the conference room.
Everyone, a light lunch awaits.
She is my assistant for the day,
Doctor Catherine.
Pleased to meet you.
Doctor Black Jack!
Doctor Black Jack?
Yes, Karen. This man is Doctor Black Jack.
He saved your life.
Wow, he looks like Rapand!
- Rapand? - What is that?
It is a desert hero in a myth of Adental.
On a white horse,
he rides through the desert like the wind,
and freed a lot of people from pain
and protected the country.
How cool!
Thank you, my Rapand.
My Rapand!
your Rapand isn't me.
It is your grandfather, Mr. Peterson.
He paid great amount of money for you
and he still must be wishing
for your disease to be healed
from the bottom of his heart.
Now, then, take off your gown
so that I can do my work.
Bo... Boss!
Make it hotter!
You want me to catch a cold?
Yes, I will raise it right away!
It's a bit better...
Now, doctors.
Although I am the president of the International Surgeon Committee,
but still I am sorry
to make all of you busy people
gather here on such a short notice.
It's okay, Dr. Stanfield.
Yes, if this kind of thing doesn't happen,
then we wouldn't be able to see you.
I am glad that you are still healthy, sir.
Oh thank you.
I really don't know what to say.
I heard that today's agenda
is about international doctor licenses.
You must all know about Dr. Black Jack.
He is an unlicensed doctor,
and there isn't anyone in the field of medicine
that doesn't know his name.
I have met him.
No, to be more specific,
I saw his work.
And I was touched.
Let me just show you.
This is the amazing work
that he has done with a five-year-old girl with TOF.
Doctor, in which hospital do you work?
Oh... I don't work for any specific hospital.
I see. I wanted to go to your hospital
the next time I get a cold.
I'm sorry.
I want you to be my boyfriend!

Mother, I will come back tomorrow...
She is well now,
but the risk of post op artery thrombosis still exists.
Yes. Please take good care of her.
Do you have a cold, Pinoko?
Do you want a shot?
Or should I give you an enema?
No! No!
Black Jack,
his real name is Hajama Kuroo.
This is his great work.
Besides, he did this
under a very harsh circumstance
of a refugee camp.
And for what he has done to the lung artery,
the part which is known to be the hardest to operate on,
he didn't use any electronic scalpel
but did all the meticulous cutting and clotting.
This surgery is more perfect
than any surgery that I have ever performed.
Honestly, I'm a bit jealous as a doctor.
This is still a rumor
but amongst the doctors here,
I heard that there are a few who asked for Dr. Black Jack's help.
And not just one or two of you.
Now, I will tell you today's agenda.
I want to give Dr. Black Jack, an unlicensed doctor,
an international doctor license.
As you know,
today's medicine is very advanced and divided
and sometimes
we don't take care of the patients the way we should,
and just study them.
We consider studies on cells
to be more important
than treating patients.
If we allow Dr. Black Jack
the license,
it will change this atmosphere
of the medical field.
And of course,
the world will know of his brilliance
and other doctors
will learn from him.
This is the thought
that moves me the most.
If we all agree to this agenda,
then this agenda will pass.
Please let me know about your opinions.
Well... If he gets the license,
it will make it easier for us to ask him for help.
We won't have to
greet him at the back doors of our hospital.
Most of all, he can work for the right amount of money.
And it is possible to bring him in as my hospital's head surgeon.
There's something wrong with you.
There's something wrong with all of you.
If we were to give him the license,
he should have to cleanse himself
before he gets it.
No matter what,
operating without a license is against the law!
And the amount he charges his patients
is an insult to all of us!
Medical treatment is justice!
Our white gown symbolizes that.
It is white justice!
Medical treatment should be fair to all,
justice for all.
Isn't that right?
Dr. Shirabyoushi.
My first requirement is
that he is punished by the law
for what he has done.
Your opinion is valid.
There should be no other option!
But... However...
Is there no other way?
Dr. Shirabyoushi.
We are not God,
nor judges.
It's shameless.
He's been working without a license and now he suddenly wants one?
No, Black Jack doesn't know anything about this conversation.
I haven't even met him
but I am doing all this
because it's something I thought of.
After seeing what he has done,
I thought I could do some good in the world.
We will have another meeting in a month.
At that time, I intend to ask
Black Jack to join us.
Thank you so much for today.
But... Doctor...
Whatever it is, just tell me.
You still saved Karen's life.
I will take you to clubs,
casinos, anywhere you want to go.
How about 'Marumaru Shabushabu?'
It's very popular right now.
Yay! I win!
Now it's over. Let's go, Doctor.
First, Karaoke!
No! We still have three games.
Now, Doctor, it's your turn. Please sing us one song.
No. I hate karaoke.
It's people like that who, once they start singing, can't stop.
Doctor Black Jack!
Papa! Papa!
Papa! Papa!
It's the surgery that I asked you on the phone.
Yes, Professor Standfield approved for you
to perform the surgery.
Thank you for taking this urgent call.
Not at all.
The patient was shot twice in the head, and four times in the stomach.
Hurry and do an X-ray. I want to know where the bullets are.
- Okay.
- Oh and Dr. Catherine,
It would be great if you could assist me again in the surgery.
Of course.
I was actually going to ask you to allow me to do so.
The surgery room is in Special Center Room 1.
Doctor, please put on this surgery clothes.
- Pinoko, this if for you.
- Okay.
Sorry but this hospital is where
the great Professor Stanfield works.
I cannot allow anything illegal.
Please show me your doctor's license.
Dr. Black Jack?
We have permission from the professor.
You stay quiet!
I'm talking to this fake doctor!
I don't have a license.
Then remove yourself. I will operate on Peterson.
It could be a very difficult surgery.
Don't worry. I am a doctor.
How is this possible? There are bullets in the brain stem and the cerebellum.
It's impossible. If I use my scalpel here and touch the myelencephalon,
then the patient could die.
This surgery is... impossible.
Dr. Shirabyoshi. Please.
Doctor Black Jack... We finally meet.
- Forceps!
- Yes.
- BP!
- 80/50. It is going down!
Inject 8ml of Norad.
Injecting 8ml of Norad.
Is he going to open up the fourth chamber of the brain?
As you can see.
That's very difficult!
- Ready for micro surgery?
- Yes, we're ready.
I'm so sorry.
Shirabyoushi is very talented
but is too naive.
Grandpa... Is my grandpa going to die?
It's all right, Karen.
The doctor who is operating right now is very young and talented.
And another great doctor here is
watching over him.
A normal doctor,
would't be standing here after his patient was stolen from him.
Oh no.
There is bleeding in his artery!
Stay calm.
With a bit more effort, I will get to the fourth chamber.
It's okay.
Although it's my first time to acutally touch the fourth chamber,
I have studied it well.
Oh no, I think I will touch the myelencephalon.
Calm down. I can do this.
Not bad.
That's not bad, but with an electronic scalpel,
you'll damange the myelencephalon tissue with the heat.
Talent is necessary, but what you need more is experience.
And what's even more important
is that we save this patient's life.
Doctor Black Jack...
How are his vitals?
They are not that good.
You, please check his entire body.
Yes, sir.
Now I understand.
Surgeries are not for the doctors.
A doctor's license
doesn't matter at all.
Everything is for the lives of the patients!
I might have been starting to forget that.
Who is a wedding for?
Of course it's for you and me.
Shall we move the schedule up a bit?
A month later, on a Thursday,
there was a second special meeting
of the international doctors committee.
And Dr. Black Jack received his international doctor's license
after a unanimous vote.
the genius doctor who was to receive that license,
even though he received an invitation,
disappointed the doctors
and did not
show up.
Doctor. Doctor!
What is this?
So many $1-IOUs!
Huh? Oh...
I will consider this garbage,
and am taking it out.
Sorry, but these are precious to me.
Good night.