Dr Emoto: water messager of God, DNA and new era

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Hello my beautiful co-creators, Lilou here on the beautiful Juicy Living Tour. Today i am in
Hawaii. I was supposed to be in Europe on the Juicy Living Tour Europe, but i could not
not come here in Hawaii for the World Congress of Quantum Medicine
with Dr Emoto. How are you doing?
Dr Emoto : I am fine thank you. Thank you for doing this interview in english
I know this is not your first language and i really really appreciate. We will
subtitle it in english too
but this really helps when it's directly in the same language
so thank you very much it's an honor to be interviewing you today
as most of you guys know Dr Emoto is an international researcher and
you might have read his book Messages from water, The Hidden Message
of water
You sold millions of copies all around the world, and you have done profound
work that is helping so many people
on the planet to explain
something that we feel inside
and you wanted to prove it
scientifically. Tell us about the core of your research why this research?
Dr Emoto: My research on water is
to prove that water
can have memory and carries memories.
Lilou: How do you prove that water has memory and
memorizes and feels?
Dr Emoto: I freeze water

a drop of water
and I freeze
this drop
for 3 hours
at minus 30 degrees (-30°C)
after freezing
I take that
with a camera
Lilou: You found out that water reacts to feelings, to music
to pictures
to all of that..
Dr Emoto: Yes.
I tried to examine water
tap water and also natural water all over the world
The tap water dd not make a beautiful crystal
but some
natural water made some very nice crystals
what does this mean?
I thought...
...let me explain in 2 minutes...
when temperature
is 0°C
like an illusion
what does this mean?
well this image but have been
the design
of vibration
and so
I tested
after it listened to nice music
and did the same testings
and then
if i listen to
may the so so the two
it made so so beautiful crystal
but when the
crystal is not so nice
when listening to heavy metal
it didn't
and i also show the water
and pictures to water
and even pray to water

every case is different
visual prayers
visual pictures
made some beautiful crystals
but on the contary
every bad picture
bad thoughts
did not make crystal
Lilou: what does that tell us
about this Universe, about Life?
Dr Emoto: This Universe
including our body

are made from water
100% made from water
I believe so

if human beings
consciousness is very beautiful one
this Universe also must become beautiful one
but if human being consciousness not so
beautiful, Universe not so beautiful

Lilou: so you are saying water is life force
is God ? Spirit?
Dr Emoto: i beleive so
Actually water is a messager of God
I believe this 100%
Lilou: did all the pictures of the crystals
prove that or did you had to take the best ones to prove what you wanted to prove
Is this research always consistant?
Dr Emoto: actually from one sample of water
we take usually 50 pictures
and some
pictures not so good
some not so good
some neutral
and I choose
the best one

and most beautiful picture of these fifties

this is my philosophy
Lilou: I feel and think that sometimes when we say
I love you or i am grateful there are different intensity
different levels of frequencies
sometimes it is very deep love
sometimes it is little love
Do you see that?

Dr Emoto: I say to quickly to water 'I love you' there
would be no reaction but if I say with my heart 'Water I love you'
it then makes so nice pictures
Lilou: knowing that, then why do you think
we get sick? what is your understanding of sickness and diseases?
Dr Emoto: we must live
daily life
as God

otherwise we get sick

Lilou: so as soon as we are in vibrational disharmony we get sick?
Dr Eomoto: Yes Yes. Lilou: if we have a regular vibration
in harmony then we won't get sick?
Dr Emoto: yes
otherwise you know
this Universe
by God
using vibration.

each vibration has its caracter
For instance
Do Mi Sol, is a very good harmony

each make constructive

yes constructive


Do Re ahhhhhhaaaahhh
no harmony
this energy will be

So if human being

has bad vibrations

this planet surely

will be distroyed soon
Lilou: there is a lot of people
praying. the water here has dolphins and whales
beautiful energy
and there are also wars.
and hate
we have negative thoughts too
how does this all blend together?
Is it possible
that one day there is more positive thoughts than negative and this Earth changes?

Dr Emoto: Educate children what is water
Lilou: "the best way is to educate children"
Dr Emoto: Important. Education is the most important. Lilou: and this is how you think we
can change the world? Dr Emoto: No

I think show them my pictures

and they will know everything

there is everything
in human DNA

You understand?
Lilou: what is the link between DNA and water?
Dr Emoto:our DNA activity is only
3% on 100%
professional scientists
say so
human being
DNA activity is only
of 3%
that means another 97%

we forgot another 97%
from our ancestor, mainly from God

we human being
current human being
all stupid.

I believe so! Lilou: well... thank you so much dr emoto
for this video and taking the time during the conference for doing this video.
thank you.
Dr emoto: everything will be taught
the conference

this Sunday
please come
Lilou: yes. I will be here to listen to this full day of conference
with you here at the World Congress of Quantum Medicine
here in Hawaii. I send you much love my beautiful cocreators
Hope you have enjoyed this message
from Dr Emoto. If there is a last message
something that you would like to say to everybody. what would it be?

Dr Emoto: This December. The 21
is said to be the last day of the Maya calendar

they organized a big summit from December
18 to 22
I was nominated to
the speaker of the new era
this mean from Dec 21nd
and i will speak a very important message
to everyone
all over the world. please...
Lilou: Is it on the Internet?
Dr Emoto: yeah yeah
Lilou: On a website?
Dr Emoto: we will broadcast it
Lilou: so you are hopeful for the new era coming up?
of course
why not?
Lilou: Ok! thank you! much love
thank you for watching the Juicy Living Tour and for your donations