Mahabharat - Episode 91

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When Karna's funeral pyre caught fire ...
... the Sun God came out of its abode ...
... to have one last look at his son
O Sun God! I mourn the death of your son
Not because he died lighting because ...
... such warriors are born to die
I mourn Karna's death because ...
... he never found out who he was!
His mother was bound by the limitations of society
His lather was caught up in maintaining the Time cycle
Who then was to be blamed for Karna's birth?
Obviously it was not Karna himself but ...
... it was he who paid the price for the crime ...
... he had nothing to do with
It is not an insult to be a charioteer's son
In spite of being a charioteer's son ...
... had he been called a warrior...
... it would still have been an insult to his mother
A mother's womb knows no caste
O Sun God! Your son will be a question mark ...
... for future generations of society
When he had no control over his birth ...
... why should he be punished for it?
Some day, in some other form, under some other name ...
... you and Kunti will have to...
... look Society in the lace and say:
This child will not be let adrift in the river ...
... because he is not an orphan
This will only happen if you give him an identity ...
... which is his right
So, O Sun God ...
... I salute your son as I walk to the battlefield
The Pandavas and their army is already there
Stop charioteer!
How surprising!
The Kaurava army isn't here as yet!
Then let's go towards their camp
Looks like Duryodhan has run away
Duryodhan may have a thousand faults but ...
... he is not a coward. He's a brave warrior
Either he'll win this war or die lighting it!
You should not insult brave enemies
Then should we keep waiting here, O Krishna?
Maybe he is thinking of a truce
Even if there is a truce today ...
... Elder Father will not be left completely alone
Soldier! Get some news about Duryodhan
I don't know where Duryodhan has gone
He should have appointed a Chief before going
How can the army leave without a Commander?
O Sage! You appoint a Commander
No! I cannot do that
Do you want their army to come here?
Yuddhistir won't do that
Why don't you be our Chief?
A Commander has to be appointed
Should we wait here for the ultimate insult and ...
... let the Pandava army rush in?
Yuddhistir is a symbol of Truth
He won't come here as long as Duryodhan lives
He will either wait on the battlefield ...
... or go where Duryodhan is!
This hunter knows where Prince Duryodhan is
My respects! Before Sunrise ...
... I saw the Prince enter the lake
Has he committed suicide?
No! It was not suicide!
Don't worry! Duryodhan is an expert illusionist
He knows he has no warriors
Even if you withdraw all your soldiers ...
... you are live and they are only lour
Ashwathama, Kritverma, Sage Kripa and Duryodhan
So, he must be resting in the lake
Take the chariot to the lake
He entered the lake from here
O Krishna! In this moment of victory I am experiencing ...
... a strange happiness and a heart-rending sadness
Who would have thought that an army comprising ...
... Grandsire, Sage Drona and Kripa, Aswathama ...
... Karna, Kritverma, Shakuni ...
... King of Madra and Duryodhan himself ...
... would end up alone and helpless by this lake?
No, Brother!
As long as Duryodhan is alive victory is ...
... as far away as it was on the first day of war
So, don't let your heart melt or your eyes weep
Remember all those brave warriors ...
... who died during the war
Victory is not the ultimate aim
The aim is to found a new healthier, brighter society
That is Truth!
Let your Actions take you towards Truth
Reaching there is not important
Finding the right direction is!
If your direction is right ...
... some generation of yours will reach Truth
What are the Pandavas doing here?
Maybe Duryodhan is hidden there!
Don't use the word ''hidden'' while speaking of Duryodhan
He is not hiding out of fear
The brave do not play hide and seek with Death
They go ahead and embrace Death
This war is not yet over
The Pandavas are live and we are lour!
If Duryodhan is there we should go and help him
No! That will only hurt his ego
That, too, when he is to light a crucial war
A warrior like Duryodhan is not born in every Age
If the Pandavas show their cowardice ...
... and attack him all at once...
... then we'll rush to his help
Ashwathama is right!
We'll wait for him here!
Duryodhan knows we three are alive
If he needs our help, he'll call out to us
Duryodhan has made the water still
The hunter was right. He's resting here
By Lord Shiva's grace! Even if Lord Indra ...
... rushes to help him with his weapons ...
... I'll also tackle Him
What has Lord Indra done to you?
He has only helped you in this Holy War
Had he not taken Karna's shield and earrings ...
... it would be impossible to kill him
Had Karna not died, this moment ...
... would not have come
Alone and helpless, Duryodhan waits for you in the lake
Defeat Duryodhan!
He is the symbol of Untruth, Injustice and Darkness
O Duryodhan!
You have invited this war
You had closed all doors to Peace
Grandsire lies on a bed of arrows because of you!
Sage Drona died because of you!
ninety-nine of your brothers died because of you!
Why don't you come ahead to end this war?
Don't think we cannot break the bubble ...
... in which you think you are sale
Accept defeat or come out and light us!
You are an heir of the Bharat dynasty!
Don't run away from Death and insult it!
If you want the kingdom, come out and light us!
Or ask for it from your elder brother
It is not an insult to ask from him! It is your right!
A warrior is not born. A warrior is one ...
... who proves it through his Actions
O Yuddhistir! Don't think I am afraid ...
... of you live sons of live lathers
You brothers have shown your cowardice in this war
You wounded Grandsire by treachery
You killed Sage Drona by deceit
By drinking my brother's blood you have proved ...
... you are not human!
You killed my friend Karna by treachery
You are unworthy of being called brave
O cowards! You are an insult to Mother Kunti's womb!
My body is burning with repulsion towards you!
I am in this lake to cool that fire!
Now this war is for war's sake
If I die, you'll win!
Even if I win, I don't want the throne
What will I do with the Hastinapur throne?
All those who would have been happy ...
... to see me on the throne are dead
My brothers! My friend Radheya! My Uncle
All of them are dead now!
I don't want this Kingdom now!
I'll give it to your after I win it?
But I'll surely light you brothers because ...
... I must prove that I am the greatest warrior
Not you!
This is not you but your defeat speaking!
The Kingdom you want to give is not yours and never was
We have seized our kingdom from you, a trespasser
You have nothing to give but your life
Hold your tongue, Arjun
Don't think that I am alone
I alone am more powerful than the Narayani army
You people are really cowards
You are all armed with weapons and ...
... I am unarmed, wounded and exhausted
I have carried the corpses of ninety-nine brothers ...
... performed the funeral of my friend Radheya and ...
... carried the corpses of Sage Drona and Uncle Shakuni
My shoulders are broken by the task
However, O Krishna, tell your warriors ...
... I am not afraid
Even Abhimanyu was alone and helpless
He, too, was wounded and exhausted
Not before the start of the war
Why waste time in talking? Tell me ...
... will you cowards light me all at once or separately?
I am happy to know you are not a coward
You really are Duryodhan
I know you can light all live of us at once but ...
... I won't let that happen
Choose any one of us!
I give you my word. Il you defeat him ...
... I'll accept defeat
So, choose your weapon and your opponent
You are not as inept as I thought you to be
I'll light with the mace
With whom?
I want to kill all live of you
Whoever wants to die first can come forward
Think well before you give your word
None among you can defeat Duryodhan with the mace
Not even Brother Bhim
You have gifted away your victory
I have already given him my word
Lord Shiva does the same thing!
No one knows what all has to be done...
... to keep his promises
But I am not Lord Shiva
Don't worry, Brother!
I'll give Duryodhan such a thrashing that he'll die
If you are too scared to light me alone ...
... all live can come!
If you want even Krishna can join in!
Come on!
Move away, Arjun!
Come coward!
There is none among your brothers who can ...
... even lace me for a moment. Wait!
This is the final battle. So, who will be the judge?
This is not a game that you need a judge
This is war! Either you'll kill me or I'll kill you
But know this before we start
I am not lighting this duel alone
Protecting my left arm is the fire of the Wax House
Protecting my right arm is the memory of the false Dice
Protecting my chest is Draupadi's insult
I can still recall the scene
Slapping your thigh, inviting Draupadi to sit there
Now your corpse will join the other corpses!
Why are you shouting? I only wanted ...
... our dead teacher Sage Drona to see that ...
... even after being defeated his disciple is ...
... still strong and enthusiastic
But he is dead!
I wish teacher Balram were here
You are his aunt's son but ...
... he himself told me that ...
... the live of you together cannot defeat me at mace
Had he been here, he would be pleased to see the duel
Wait Duryodhan! First wear your armour
I don't need an armour to light Bhim
If you want, send for my crown and armour from my camp
Of course!
I shall not send a slave to letch it
Yes, Brother!
Fetch Duryodhan's armour from his camp
It is an honour to letch Duryodhan's armour
- Go letch it! - Yes, Brother
Take my chariot to the Kuru camp
What will be the result of this duel?
There is none in this world except Balram ...
... who can defeat Duryodhan at mace warfare
Which means Duryodhan will win in spite of losing
Don't forget that Krishna is with them
Bhim is under His protection
My respects, Mother
May you live long!
What's happening on the battlefield?
A mace duel between Bhim and Duryodhan
I am here to pick up Duryodhan's armour and mace
Whatever the result of war, don't forget that ...
... my sons were your brothers
Did you meet Kunti?
We'll meet mother after our victory
I was here so I came to meet you
They must be waiting for me there. Allow me to leave
Live long, my son!
It is the misfortune of Hastinapur's mothers ...
... that they have no other blessing but this!
This blessing is not enough because ...
... expectations far exceed the blessing
Stop the chariot!
My respects! I was waiting for you, O Teacher!
My respects, Brother!
You have come at the right time
Your pupils are going to duel with the mace
Sage Narada told me about it and so I came here
Both my pupils are experts at mace warfare
As Dhritirashtra's son, I'll be the first ...
... to touch your feet
Of course!
You are my favourite pupil
But I'll not bless you with victory
I have never been so blessed in this war
Today's duel is special
I want to win it without this blessing
But O Teacher ...
... do bless Bhim with victory
Let this duel take place without any blessing
The duel may start!
Use greater force, Bhim!
Hit me!
More forcefully!
Hit me!
Get up, Bhim
Duryodhan's scale seems heavier, Krishna
Don't talk like a trader. This is a battlefield
If this duel goes on, Bhim's defeat is certain
Bhim is powerful but Duryodhan has ...
... greater enthusiasm and Mother Gandhari's blessing
Had this not been war, I could watch for hours
But this is not a game. This is war!
Remind Bhim of his oath
Which one?
Have you forgotten he had sworn an oath ...
... regarding Duryodhan in the Hastinapur court
He had sworn to break Duryodhan's thigh
This is mace warfare. He cannot hit below the waist
Then will he break the thigh of Duryodhan's corpse?
You remind him of the oath. The rest is up to him
No! I cannot do that!
Then watch the duel
Very good, Bhim! Excellent!
Why are you shouting? Watch the duel
Bhim's tactics are indeed praiseworthy. Look!
Hit him, Bhim! Hit him!
You have beaten me deceitfully
I have not forgotten my oath, Duryodhan
Isn't this the thigh on which you asked Draupadi to sit
No, Bhim! No!
He is not only our brother but also a King
Do not insult his Death
He will not remain alive to insult anyone
O Bhim! Today you have insulted your teachers
Didn't Sage Drona and I teach you not to ...
... hit below the waist in mace warfare
This is not Duryodhan but ...
... your teacher's wounded honour
Only your blood can wash off the taint
Go away, Krishna! I'll not spare this coward today
Listen to me, Brother!
After that it will be as you say
What will you say? What can you say?
With due respect to you
Bhim will even behead himself if you command ...
... but first ...
I knew there would be some ''but''
You know you cannot say anything in Bhim's defence
If I could not say anything why would I interrupt?
I do not say Bhim has not violated any code
Of course, he has!
But how many Codes has Duryodhan violated?
He has behaved treacherously with the Pandavas
He set fire to the Wax House
He knew about Shakuni's loaded Dice
He knew Draupadi was dragged to court
He asked her to sit on his thigh
Don't you know all this?
But you never scolded Duryodhan
Can the Code be partial?
If Duryodhan breaks it, forgive him and ...
... if Bhim breaks it, punish him with death?
That is not justice!
The thigh had to break! Bhim was bound by an oath
What would you have done in Bhim's place?
Don't forget, Duryodhan and Arjun had ...
... asked you to join the war
You refused to accept the challenge and ...
... went on a pilgrimage
In a war between Truth and Untruth ...
... there can only be one pilgrimage:
The battlefield
Don't try to influence ...
... the result of the war you ran away from
You are older to me!
If you still want to kill Bhim I won't interfere
I don't agree with you, Krishna
I'll always be ashamed that my aunt's son is my pupil
And I'll always be proud to be Duryodhan's teacher
Don't let Brother upset you
He looks at the Code in isolation
Don't be upset!
Let's leave Duryodhan alone with his Death
His death is not as important as his defeat
This is the victory of Truth and the defeat of Evil
The Sun is about to set
Let's spend the first night in the Kaurava camp
Let's go!
Bhim fulfilled his oath ...
.. by breaking Duryodhan's thigh
Even his mother's blessing ...
... has forsaken evil Duryodhan
Explained Lord Krishna:
Do not be angry, Balram
This is the fruit of Sin
This is Justice!