Teeth Whitening : How to Make Homemade Teeth Whiteners

Uploaded by eHow on 08.11.2008

So are you interested on how you can make homemade teeth whiteners? My name is Michelle
and I'm a dental assistant with Solutionz and I am here to explain to you and show you
how to make homemade teeth whiteners. One of the best treatments for whitening your
teeth at home is using baking soda and water. It is pretty easy. What you want to do is
get the baking soda in the cup and then pour some water into it and you want to make your
measurement 50% baking soda, 50% water, pour the water into it and then kind of mix it
around and then what you are going to do is you are going to want to create, keep mixing
it until you kind of create a paste consistency and then once this is all mixed together then
you actually dip your toothbrush into it and then brush your teeth with it for about a
good two to three minutes and kind of really focus on getting in between your teeth, on
top of your teeth and what that will do at that point in time is create like a foam consistency
and that foam will start eating away at the staining that you have in between your teeth
and around your tooth surface. So that's a great treatment option to use at home with
bleaching products or another great way is you can actually use lime and salt. You just
get a lime, squeeze it into a cup and then put 50% of salt into it, you want to even
it out 50% lime juice, 50% salt and then mix it into like a paste consistency and place
it on your toothbrush and then start brushing away for about one to two minutes. The acid
in the lime and the salt, the coarseness of the salt that will actually start eating away
at the stains. Rinse your mouth out really good with cold water afterwards and then you'll
be all set to go. Once again my name is Michelle and I'm a dental assistant with Solutionz
and I just explained to you on how you can make homemade tooth whiteners.