14. The Ministerial Declaration on ACE", The Workers Educational Association of SA.

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No matter how old we are, how remotely we live,
or how successful we were at school, the Ministerial Declaration
on Adult Community Education or ACE encourages adults to keep learning.
Offering opportunities for adults to learn means that everyone
in Australia can access learning that leads to a reasonable job
and a good life. All governments across the country agree on that.
When we talk about ACE it really is every place.
It's in your local community. It's at your local TAFE provider,
at your larger universities or within your large training organisations.
It's important because it engages every Australian.
Anybody within our communities, young or old, that's not in a
school learning environment, can actually participate in adult education.
Being a lifelong learner makes our lives more fulfilling.
I believe that one of the most significant things we forget
is that when we leave school we actually don't stop learning.
Ministers believe that non-accredited education and training
builds self-esteem and confidence and provides an important pathway
to move into further education and training or employment.
It should be a true partnership. It should be a partnership
where they both recognise their own abilities.
They agree that Adult learning benefits individuals and,
importantly it also builds communities.
There’s a lot on the to do list of Ministers:
They want to offer a second chance to people who may have
dropped out of school early; or they may have recently lost their job and
believe they have nothing to offer to another employer
they may have just arrived in this country, or they've been
so busy caring for others that they've neglected their own learning.
Why would ministers find it important? They want all Australians to
continue to be lifelong learners. And they want them to recognise
where they can actually learn. Whether that be learning for pleasure
or learning for work or learning so they can be
an active participant in their community.