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You wake up in the morning, you look in the mirror, your own you decide how you look at the
field mostly depended on color color can effect you both physiologically and
psychologically if you can make somebody kill something with a list of colors
everywhere insist pervasive offer up our lifestyles a culture whether or not
you're verbalizing that you're actually saying something to the world for me
because i'm wearing a scholar
most people know color
q no color use it every day you interact with it that's how you make your way
through the world and the colors receptors in your eyes are well i think
all he's going to start to see and they perceive color your routes perceived
grazed color theory as a definition it's more the mixtures and implementation of
combinations of color
colored is the umbrella under which you value in chrome arrest you being the
distinction between different colors and we'll from red to red orange so to speak
value being light and dark in chromatin brightened our the color wheel that's
cool that helps us talk about the physical phenomena of light and how we
perceive it and how we alternately implemented designs and the combinations
we now teach more based on the harmonies in contrast and how it relates to how
you utilize collazo students learn about complimentary colors which tend to be
opposite one another and class which is just two colors but they're one-off
complimentary i think that there's been many different types of meals and so i
say the students nowadays i don't mind if you invent your own we'll see if
you're only once understandings of color because you're different human than will
ever came before you can who knows what you'll come up with invents the future
that we haven't seen yet
you get a lot more interaction with color nowadays on multiple levels and
people are aware of this they know that they're fected by itself and not just
mentally and you should take that strengthen yourself to build your own
understanding because it is a personal and did you change
color for me is what i call for a different language or emotional language
that we all sort of intuitively know how to speak as we see color which starts to
associated with different things highlighted we had three different types
of associations universal
cultural and individuals
individual color preference is a really interesting dynamic i think color
translates hardin color preference quite often now it may be associated with the
next year
they're definitely universal aspects use color and share usually this is a
logical and so greta is definitely the plan that increases your heart rate when
you first see it makes you want to know that there's some studies actually say
that you walk faster you'll be more you'll talk more when you're latina
redwoods than any other colors one good example if you think of the red carpet
was the reason why the red carpet is the red carpet and that's because it keeps
traffic flowing
where conversely when you see blue the opposite of what happened so you become
more common in the last
inspecting the one that is the most interesting is the cultural differences
for the most it's usually a learned response so when you're very young you
might think of brown is thirty years in prison says time goes on you learn to
just as association so obvious and when its best-selling coffee became a whole
new trend brown to sign up for me ain't association when we start to think of
things like recycling foreign buyers social concerns it's natural for us to
think of to read so we develop different types of associations that we shared
with other human beings and as we grow does become more and more meaningful
gone back to the twentieth century and and found that there were some
whistleblowers color his assistant evolution ownership not a revolution
color is not the place where love
birds it's the wind behind in the economic and social and political the
technological and environmental influences there all the drivers of
white-collar always involving revolving
the economic issues that we've had in recent years legal refuge state college
brown the commerce rittenhouse converted into the ground
so you bring up it would help organic colors and as we'd get familiar with
that becomes a time where we need you have to take the familiar and just add a
little accent of something new and give you a totally new look you're we were
with the passions people were so depressing needed what color back in the
lives of eight colored glass in his words impressions left back in the
sixties and we saw the psychedelic colors coming because of the drug
culture just pattern a pattern color eye color and it was just a kaleidoscope of
everything happened only once and in the seventies behind the rest for a decade
brown down
members and deca polished and on mondays brown's uh...
nineteen seventies so in forecasting we look at those kinds of transporter
constant but also something new and different from the forecast future
as like a gift
artistic abilities to adjust fifty six dollars i think the restrictions really
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mission that in today's high death
you've never seen something almost even aesthetic just because we're still
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workshop you get like different colors that he would get with the perfect abra
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makes everything super-saturated you almost get feedback on a color because
wave colors crap
you can always make the rainbow
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usually people think picking the colors or something it's pretty simple but it
actually get complex frequently
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