How to make a homemade halter/ Capezza fai da te (english subs)

Uploaded by IminidelGuado on 17.02.2011

6 metres of rope
the two ends must be of one arm's length
on the opposite side make two knots at one palm's length apart from eachother
these two knots will be set upon either side of the horse's nose
rounghly one palm's length from eachother.
Now, at a distance of one palm and a half from the two knots,
we start making the main knot
with 4 ropes, we make what is called a "Scooby doo"
4 ends of rope, the fourth one passes underneath and comes up on the other side
1,2,3, 4 and you must get this pattern
a square
then make another scooby doo but instead of coming outward, you go inward
with the only difference that this time they are closed and
we start clockwise from 1st to 2nd
pass underneath and enter inside the knot
pull the rope outward and inward again
this is the first knot
same for the second
1, 2, pull it out...
and slip it in the next hook
that makes two knots
the next two knots are simpler to make because they are already open
so, pull here and insert the rope
that makes three.
now only the fourth knot is left
you slip this underneath as well
turn it upside down and start tightening it,
1,2,3 and 4
then repeat on the otherside
1,2,3, and 4...
here we have a diamond knot
we now have 4 ropes entering here and 4 coming out on the otherside
at 4 fingers distance,
we start the first knot that goes under the horse's throat
it's a simple knot
you turn it over and insert the other rope into it
at this point we make the 2nd knot
the 1st and 2nd ropes enter at the same hook
the 2nd and 4th ropes, exit at the same hook
tighten the knot equally on both ends
from now on all the knots are the same,
crossed on either side with balanced pressure
now take the longer rope
at a length of 1 palm, make a knot,
this closes the halter on the left cheek of the horse
make a flat knot followed by another over it
just as we made the others,
proceed the same way for the following ones
widen it here and pass the knot through
tighten it equally on either side
can you lend me a hand please?
this is the ________ of the horse
this is the tethering point and
this is the knot that goes under the throat
this is the 1st knot that goes on the left cheek of the horse
here onwards we start working backwards
pass the rope in here
and make the same knots as before
please hold it in the center for me....thank you.
here we measure one palm's lenght, more or less
thank you...
at this point, you must take care that
the two sides (cheeks) are equilateral
they must be equally spaced on either side from each other
these are the 2 points that work on the nose of the horse
widen the other one
where this enters, the other one follows
pull them apart and
make sure that they are tight
the last one goes in
whats left to do is the last knot
that closes the halter
it unites, at an equilateral distance,
on the other side (cheek) of the horse
so we make another knot over here
close it from here under
at the same distance as the other one done before...
and here you have your home made halter.