Samir Jacob | Contemporary Abstract Artist Documentary | Acrylic on Canvas | Perth, Australia

Uploaded by samirjacob on 03.12.2010

So, I was born in Chennai, India, into a family with members from different countries from
India to England, from Canada to Tibet, from South Africa to the Middle East. Members practising
different religions from Christianity to Hinduism to Buddhism. So you could say that I was already
born into a bit of complexity. From a young age there wasn't really a place other than
Chennai that I would say I could call home, being that my family and I migrated continuously
and also separated before I was ten. Chennai was the only place where I spent an uninterrupted
decade to come into my own. I am a contemporary abstract artist with my main medium being
acrylics on canvas. And while I’m painting I have to have music in the background. The
collection (music) is mostly from my travels. From all over India, the Middle East, Europe,
Sweden, The Czech Republic and Australia. I have had no formal training, but I try to
strike a balance, between being influenced by events, by nature and by people that I
have interacted with; and on the other hand I don't want to be hampered by the rules and
limits that would curb my style. For example I would never schedule a class, an art class
for myself. However by random, by pure coincidence I happen to meet someone and they were to
inspire me or teach me a particular technique, I would welcome that, I would embrace that.
I feel it is my duty as an artist to take my emotions and feelings and put them on the
canvas. And with every new viewer, who comes and sees the painting they bring a new mindset,
a new perspective. With abstract art it is very easy for the viewer to make the painting
their own and bring out their own judgements of what they see, which could very very different
from what I see. Though relatively young in the world of artists I feel I have been very
very lucky to have meet different people from different countries, experienced new and different
places. And all which have enriched me and tutored me in the ways of the world. My art
is the window to my soul and it expresses everything I feel and what I relate to.