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Winevault caters for three different options of wine storage. The first being a Private Vault, the second, a Managed Cellar service and then, we also cover commercial clients at a commercial level. The other benefits of Winevault is that we are a temperature-controlled environment. We do the logistics and transportation of all your wine from a case level to a pallet level and we also have the Winevault tasting room, which we call the Winevault Tunnel. So, this is the wow factor behind Winevault, we call this Winevault Tunnel. It’s 100-year-old disused railway tunnel that was closed down in 1959, when it was catering for the North Sydney Brick and Tile Company and now we’ve converted it into a wine tasting unit that can cater up to 20 people for intimate tastings, dinner parties or special occasions.

Winevault started the art premises incorporate refrigeration, humidifiers, and an ozone-free air filtration system, which keeps all your wine in the pristine conditions that it’s intended for. Winevault also has forklifts, stock pickers, trolleys and pallet jacks available onsite for use for our clients at any point in time.

The features that we find most useful for our online retail business is the climate-control storage and the afterhours access in the private lockers. Another feature that we love about Winevault is the high levels of security. We have hand recognition software and scanning that allows only authorized people to get into the certain part of Winevault, but they are allowed to get into door security pin code access, CCTV and that all just forms a great package that allows us to rest assure that our wine is being looked after.

The staff at Winevault are the key feature of the business. I believe that there is no one out there that provides the level of service and dedication to the job that Winevault do. And it’s more coming to see your friends and colleagues rather than someone that provides a service to you. And they go that extra mile to really make sure that you are looked after, they’ll go past the opening hours at the club, they really help you. You always see them coming out to help you unload the car and it’s just a great service that they offer.

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