OtterBox Commuter Series Instructions for iPhone 4S

Uploaded by OtterBoxTV on 12.10.2011

The OtterBox Defender Series offers all around rugged protection.
To install your iPhone into the case, first remove the case from the holster.
Push up on the tab on the holster, and pull out on the free side of the case.
You can now remove the outer layer of silicone. Free one of the edges, and then work around the case removing the silicone.
Be sure not to pull from any ports or plugs.
Now separate the two halves of the hard shell by releasing the three retention clips, and then pulling the two pieces apart.
You can now place the iPhone into the front half of the case.
Place the bottom in first, and then lay the iPhone down against the front of the shell.
Place the back half of the shell on bottom first, and then snap the two halves together. Make sure all three of the retention clips are engaged.
Now wrap the silicone around the shell.
Start with the bottom and work up the sides to the top.
Work the silicone onto the shell making sure all the ports and plugs are properly seeded.
This case also comes with a holster. It is recommended when using the holster the case go face in to protect the screen.
The holster also doubles as a stand.
Place the in face out, lock the belt clip to the out position, and rotate to the desired viewing angle.
To release the belt clip from the stand configuration, pull out on the tab at the top of the belt clip.
There you have it, the OtterBox Defender series for iPhone 4S.