A: How to Restore an iPhone 4S / 4 / 3GS from an iTunes Backup - How to Use My iPhone Tutorial 4

Uploaded by a562178 on 26.12.2011

In this video I'm going to show you how to restore your iPhone from iTunes. To restore your iPhone from iTunes you need the laptop you last synced your iPhone with,
a usb to iPhone cable (also known as a dock connector or Lightning Cable) and your new iPhone.
First connect the iPhone with the cable to your computer.
Now you need to select which backup to restore from. The top name listed, is always your
most recent backup. The most recent backup here is Danny, so that's
the one I'm gonna choose. After selecting it, click continue.
Restoring an iPhone from backup contains two stages.
The first stage reinstalls your backup file, which includes your settings and all your app user files.
The second stage syncs all your apps music, TV shows, podcasts, books and movies back
onto your device. This whole process can take several hours
depending on how much is being transferred. You will need to leave your computer on and
will not be able to use your iPhone or anything until stage one is complete.
Only those who have iOS 5 installed will be able to use their iPhone during stage two.
If you just got a new phone, or a replacement from apple, then you have iOS 5 or above and can use
your phone during stage 2. Stage one took about 30mins for me, but it varies depending
on how much needs to be transferred. Ok, its looks like stage one is completing.
After stage one is complete, your phone may receive any missed voicemail, email or
text messages it received during stage one. It is safe to look and read them during stage
two with iOS 5 (or above). Its okay during stage two to read text messages, but remember that old content and apps may still be missing, but will automatically
reappear during stage two of the restore process. Restoring should maintain all your content
in your apps, folders, and even the location of the apps on each page on your iPhone.
After iTunes has finished syncing the restore process is complete and your new iPhone is
ready and should look almost identical to your old one.
Thanks for watching.
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