Photoshop Blending Multiple Images Tutorial : Blending Images in Photoshop: Part 4

Uploaded by expertvillage on 20.06.2008

Now we've put our two pieces together, so let's have a look at them. As you can see,
I just took the mouth and put it right over the top of this. Let's maximize this here
so we can see this. Let's just zoom in down here. There we go. Well, we got our two pieces
together, and it's not really matching up so well. Let's go in here and choose the mouth
layer. Let's go into our erase tool. And I'm just going to erase out some of this. Actually,
let's make this a soft brush. There we go. And let's just erase out-but not so soft.
Let's make it a little bit harder than that. There we go. Erase out a little bit of this
here. See if we can get this to pop where we want it to. Actually, we can probably take
our wand here. Select most of this, and delete it, being that it's really not an important
piece of our apple here. Actually, let's back that one up. Let's back that up a couple of
times there. Let's take our tolerance, and bring our tolerance back down to fifteen or
so. There we go. We can go ahead and delete that section there. Fifteen, enter. There
we go. Come down here, click here, just delete this. And we'll just delete this piece by
piece, as we can, because we don't want to delete any of the black. We want to keep our
color range in here as much as possible. And we'll continue to do this for a little bit,
and we'll come back to this in the next part.