Origami Tulip

Uploaded by jonakashima on 01.09.2012

Fold in half horizontally and unfold
Fold in half vertically and unfold
Turn over
Fold and unfold along the diagonal
Fold and unfold along the other diagonal
Make a waterbomb base
Fold the corners up
Repeat behind
Fold a layer to the left on front and to the right behind
Fold the corner a little bit past the center
Repeat on the left
Tuck one flap into the other
Repeat behind
Blow into the base to inflate
Peel each petal down carefully
Complete! Now let's make the stem
Fold and unfold in half along the diagonal
Fold the top edges to the center
Fold the bottom edges to the center
Again, fold the edges to the center
Turn over
Fold the bottom up to the top corner
Fold in half
Outside reverse fold the leaf
Insert the stem into the base of the flower
Tulip finished!