Victor Kim Does My Makeup!

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Hey guys!
This is Jen "from head to toe" and this is...
aka DanApple
Without me even saying anything about the whole, like,
'blank does my makeup' tag, Victor was like
"Hey! I want to do your makeup!" Victor: No, she pretty much begged me to do it (Jen: Oh, whatever, yeah.) and I finally acquiesced. (Jen: Uh huh.)
No, no, it was all my idea
Victor fancies himself an artist
so he is looking forward to
using my face as a canvas
or, I'm... I'm really scared
because he said he's going to do his "Love"
signature logo on my
didn't say that but... that was one of the ideas but (Jen: Oh, just one of the ideas.) I don't think I'm going to do it. Not this time.
So I guess
we're going to get started
Let's do this!
I'm scared!
So first
we've got to make sure the hair
stays out of the face. Perfect!
everyone knows
to start off a proper
session you have to start
with the powder
this is my favorite brand
it's uh...
Everyone knows! They don't... I don't need to... You, your people... (Jen: My people...)
so first i always like to start with
the forehead region
then I like to
get to the
to the unibrow nose (Jen: Oh, my unibrow) section
and the cheeks. Sorry, I got the eye.
I've been doing makeup for about 8 or 9 years now but uh...
but today was a huge challenge because uh
I would never tell her this but
From Head To Toe is actually
the reason i got into makeup in the first place so uh...
hopefully it goes well
alright moving right along
what i always like to do after the powder application
is uh...
obviously you know
at this point you use... Jen: that's another powder [laughs]
you use... uh... this
this compact carrying case
and uh... today you know
I'm feeling uh... (Jen: with that brush?) Oh...
Yes, with this brush. We're going to use a little bit of purple. Purple to...
to shout out to my Quest Crew brothers
this is
obviously going to go around the eye
section like so
moving right along to the other eye. you know what
I'm feeling a little crazy
but i think i might use a different color on the different eye
i'm thinking blue would be nice
nice today
I'm gonna switch brushes actually (Jen: the biggest brush)
so... gotta get the cat's... ooh!
that's not a good reaction!
[clears throat] no no no no no don't
just don't look into the mirror then you'll be fine, you'll be fine
you know I, I, I watch these videos
you know like, at least three times a day right? and it's like that looks so easy!
but now doing it for the first time it's like
it's not as easy as it looks
and you know all these different tools and things you know it's uh...
it's very much so, it's it's very much art
you know and I may not have as appreciated it as much as I do now but... you know
this is a paint brush
these are all paint brushes... all these are colors
and uh... I think it's a beautiful thing Moving right along
straight to the um...
the eyeliner
and um... which is... is this one eyeliner? Jen: It's an eyeliner
I'll use this one!
this one from uh
NYX. No, I don't like that one...
there it is!
the one from ELF
can you close your eyes. oh there it is.
can you open your eyes for a second?
it looks good! it looks... okay...
can you close them again?
gotta get the bottom. gotta even them out.
this... I think this one's even better than the first eye.
Yeah that felt like a smoother line.
looks pretty natural right now. you guys... at this point you probably wouldn't even
notice that
someone else did Jen's makeup today. I originally
my plan was to
to put on these lashes but who has the time anymore
to do that so I'm going to draw them in. you ready?
oh, ok
now even if you... you know...
go into the pool or something
they'll still be there! oh my gosh
That's "oh my gosh" it looks awesome right? Victor: it oh, it looks so amazing
it's kind of like a Black Swan thing going on
it's evolving before our very eyes Jen: oh, ok Victor: other side now, other side
now I'm getting to the... the main textures Jen: is makeup supposed to have texture? Victor: yes.
oh, okay!
this is kind of an avant garde style. kind of new. new aged.
as you can see, my art style is very improvisational
I don't know if it would
come through on camera because everything looks so controlled the whole time
in the process but uh...
I was completely making it up as I was going. A secret of mine.
but you know
I think, I think uh... sometimes the most honest and most emotional art is
created that way
this looks really good
i think this would have been a great look for "Jean" on Away We Happened. Maybe on episode... 4.
you know what? now that we added the eyeliner
I'm thinking... I'm thinking I want a little more... more dynamics so what better way than to
use a little bit of um... this
this color called Junkshow and uh...
now this time I've already switched it up by doing the blue and purple
now I'm just going to keep it uh
strictly Junkshow on both eyes to add dynamics. Are you ready?
Eyes closed, please! Alright. Oh, there it is. That's what I've been waiting for.
now the other eye
I chose the particular colors for, for many reasons. Blue!
Away We Happened
and AT&T, you know, blue
and purple
Quest Crew you know
Quest Crew to represent
the dancer side in both of us
and also uh... and pink
to you know
to add just that little bit of feminine
elegance and beauty
to the bridge section
Bridge? Victor: Uh, yeah. Bridge. Gotta get under... Make sure the
full eye... Always remember to
to not neglect the bottom area
it's a common mistake but uh
you guys'll... you guys'll get it
you know what i'm thinking I would like
something to go uh... to make the lips
even brighter. do you have any uh...
you know what? no I'll get it, I'll get it
perfect! uh...
nouveau. Revlon... nou...
nouveau and uh
it's my favorite color. It's kind of like a salmon... uh...
you guys'll see what she's like
can you pucker up? Jen: how... how do you want me to...?
Victor: How would you normally do it? I don't know... Jen: You're supposed to tell me, you're the makeup artist.
Okay just uh...
Just do one of these
do the duck lips. yeah. perfect. [laughs] I'm...
I'm trying to work here, could you...
[laughs] okay. can you go like that?
oh you know what
inspiration just struck!
I'm going to use... I'm gonna do something a little different right now, okay?
this might seem a little unorthodox
but I'm gonna use
the same eyeliner Jen: that's a different one
the same eyeliner [laughter]
to add
a very slight
but uh...
but bold and distinct
around the lipstick Jen: oh my gosh!
I think I have lipliner
but you know this... this is my style you know this is my uh...
you'll see... you'll be telling your fans that you know
this is the future
no no no... it's... it's working [laughs] What is that face?!
it's starting to look
a little bit like a mustache but
no I'll uh
I can fix this! I can fix this.
how do you take eyeliner off normally?
you know what?
I'm just gonna keep on going with this
you know what? i think your
it would be complete with a nice little mole right here. Alright.
this is gonna be good
that didn't feel very straight. no, it's cool. (mmhmm) I think I'm just gonna finish up
some details--we're almost done by the way
it's that quick.
whenever i apply makeup
I like to make a statement.
I like to be bold
and fearless so that's why i chose to
to outline the lips particularly because
everything that uh... that Jen will say wearing this particular look
people will really listen
you know just... filling in the details here [laughs] um. bronzer! uh... Jen: that one's bronzer over there
this one?
my favorite kind too! this... this one here?
so now this is where we use... Jen: the same brush with the purple?
the same brush with the purple
cheeks... make the cheeks nice and... cheeky
now we'll put some on the chin
we forget about the chin sometimes
i think I could use a little more color I don't know, I think a little uh...
a little more blue on the eyes would really bring it all together
this is a gold, of course, that I'm applying
to give it that extra sparkle Jen: okay! Victor: it's called...
it's called Midnight Rodeo
for obvious reasons now...
the final step ladies and gentlemen
is the neck tattoo
and it says Jean and it has a heart
it looks like Jean B
but it's a heart. it's not "B" it's Jean heart and uh...
there you have it ladies and gentlemen
this look is
what I like to call the um... the uh... the...
the Avatar Swan...
Jean and um...
I'm pretty happy with how it turned out
feel free to leave in the comments below you know... any... any suggestions for future looks
but uh
i think uh... I think your viewers
i think they approve Jen: okay
do you feel beautiful though?
you know
inner beauty is more important than
than anything on the outside
with that said
it looks good, right?
the only thing I need is like, a blackened tooth
what is...?!
that's not a mole! that's... Victor: that's a mole!
Jen: It's like a... Victor: Cin... Cindy Crawford! Hold on wait let me give you one... Jen: are you saying this is...
Let me give you one to match mine
oh... oh geez
Victor: now we're... now we're twins! Jen: it's the same! Victor: See? You got one!
this was my favorite memory because you know... although I've literally done makeup on hundreds of jobs doing makeup on thousands of other people... you know, it's like
you know this was... this was meaningful
you know because this was uh... you know
it's like... it's like finally giving back to
to the... to the very makeup guru Jen "From Head To Toe" that inspired me to begin
twelve years ago
I can probably win Miss America yeah
you probably already did I mean, looking the way you do now I know...
Oh! Wait wait wait...
Oh! Yes...
we can't forget that
so um
so thank you Victor Victor: you're welcome! for doing my makeup and um... Victor: anytime, anytime
the tears... Victor: oh, it's okay
and thank you viewers for being so supportive
if you guys didn't know
yes this was my first time doing makeup
so thank you for your patience and thank you for being my guinea pig
and uh...
many more makeup videos to come! check it out
if you enjoyed this video feel free to subscribe up there and
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me! and...
Victor: and watch Away We Happened if you haven't already! Jen: and watch Away We Happened. I'll link that down below. That's our webseries we did with Wong Fu, so... Victor: She'll look almost as good as this
Almost. It's like... it's so close. I mean, this is pretty much the look that I wore. Victor: Yeah, well
minus the moles cause... Jen: Cause it's less Cindy Crawford and more
more Jean Victor: right, right
shoutouts to AT&T and Wong Fu
Thank you guys for watching
and I'll see you in my next video. Bye! Victor: peace!
Jen: ...asymmetry Victor: I like it though. I think... I think this is the best I've seen you.
beauty is not about
how wonderful Jen's makeup looks right now. it's not about you know
the types of products but it's uh, you know
it just knowing that, you know, that you are unique
that you're beautiful, like uh...
regardless of how you look physically
and if you know that
people will just be able to feel it
people will sense it because it's real
you know doesn't rely on
on colors and eyeliner and fake moles
I think you know, on a slightly real tip
beauty is um
beauty something that must be
realized you know
within themselves before anyone else can acknowledge it
a message to Jen
From Head To Toe's subscribers
on and off camera she's a great person
beautiful soul
and uh...
keep on supporting
and uh... watch Away We Happened yeah!
i think that's good