iPortal Accessibility video - Jonty

Uploaded by dynamiccontrolstube on 01.09.2011

Dynamic Controls is a world leader in the medical mobility industry,
providing technical and innovative solutions that enhance the quality of life for people with disabilities.
They pride themselves in providing solutions for the whole person, not just the chair that they are in.
iPortal Accessibility is one way that they are changing people’s lives.
Jonty Tetley tells us what iPortal Accessibility has done for him.
Hi I am Jonty, I'm a husband and a father and I am a recent user of the iPortal.
I was a fairly active 18 year old, I had a fairly active interest in sport
mainly in things to do with the ocean. I always wanted to be a marine biologist.
I was working at a holiday job between college and university when I was disabled by a forklift accident.
I came back home after a year but I didn't see any reason why I couldn’t keep studying.
I have completed a BSc in Marine Biology and just about finished a Masters in Marine Ecology as well.
A lot of the equipment that I started using when I first got home was big and bulky
and it was very specialised. If anything goes wrong with the equipment
then it needs to be sent to where it originated from to be repaired.
The iPortal device is a small device that clips on to the side of my motorised chair
and integrates between the head control pads that are on the side of my headrest and the iPhone.
It allows whoever is using it to download the apps from iTunes as they want
and integrate them as they want, there doesn’t need to be a huge learning curve
you are free to plug and play as you normally would.
Once I got the interface mastered and figured out how to change between the different screens it was surprisingly quick
it takes over and becomes part of my everyday routine.
I use it mainly as a business tool (as anybody would use an iPhone).
I use it for making business calls "G’day there, it's Jonty Tetley speaking".
I use it for doing text messages and syncing appointments.
I have just invested in an iPad and I'll be using that for showcasing the websites that I do to be able to take it out to clients.
Now that I am able to use the iPortal to interact with the iPad I can load the site onto the iPad for them
take it down and show them the whole range of different designs.
My favourite app would have to be using the camera.
It has been really nice to go out with family to my son's soccer games or family events and be able to do the recording like anybody would normally do.
Using the iPortal I was able to use the camera on Saturday to do videos of my son playing soccer.
During Wellington's big snow fall I did a movie of the kids playing at the top of the driveway and building a snowman and the snow falling.
Then came back inside and was able to put it straight up on Facebook.
It is nice to be able to do those things instead of bossing everybody else around
and telling them what I'd like to have photos taken of
I was able to go out there and do it myself and load the photos up like every Facebook user seems to do these days.
The L5 remote app allows me to change channels, there is a small plug that goes into the bottom of the phone
and I am able to learn the commands of all the remotes at home
then if I am watching TV by myself I don’t have to wait for somebody to come into the room to change the channel for me.
Part of the integration between the iPortal and the iPad is that I am now able to download books
and use the e-readers to read them on screen and to turn the pages
and to browse through PDF's, magazines and books as I want to be able to do it.
As soon as I had the iPad set up and was able to start downloading
I went a bit crazy and have downloaded about 20 or 30 non-fiction books
so that I would have something to read over the next few weeks.
I have also found an interest again in being able to flick through magazines.
I think the other exciting thing about this technology is that I can start making it work for me
I am not reliant on waiting for someone to come out to repair or assist me with an update in the technology
I can browse iTunes and download apps that extend the way I use the iPad and iPhone through the iPortal.
It allows me to use a piece of everyday equipment to control my own environment
and to interact with my own environment.
And I have never had the ability to do that before. It is life changing.
For me the iPortal integration with the iPhone and iPad is definitely a game-changer.