The Power of Thought: 15-1 Everything is Consciousness

Uploaded by DrBruceKing on 27.05.2011

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\f0\fs28 \cf0 Welcome to the power of thought. This is part one of the episode called everything
is consciousness. The idea that everything is consciousness is not new. Many ancient
religious teachings make this claim in some form or another. \'a0Fortunately, in the 21st
century we don't have to take the word of some religious guru about the nature of reality
we can actually test the claim with science. The idea that everything is consciousness
can be supported by quantum physics experiments. One of these experiments is called the double
slit experiment, which the famous physicist Richard Feynman says can sum up all of quantum
physics. The simple explanation for this experiment is that it shows that light, which can act
like waves or particles, only acts like particles or photons when they are measured or observed.
Otherwise light acts like waves which are spread out over space and not located in one
place like a particle. The implications of this are that the act of observing or our
consciousness has a direct affect on seemingly objective reality. If you are interested in
the specifics of this experiment then I suggest you do a word search for the phrase double
slit experiment. Also, here is a youtube video that really explains the double slit experiment
very well. The interesting part about this experiment is that it can also be done with
electrons. Which \'a0are the part of the atom that gives it it's properties. \'a0However,
unlike light particles electrons actually have mass or weight so to speak. \'a0A man
by the name of\'a0 \fs32 Louis de Broglie showed that electrons
and all matter no matter what size it is has wave like properties it's just that we have
trouble measuring the wave properties of objects larger than electrons
\fs28 . For example: a bowling ball moving at 1 meter persecond has a wavelength of about
one septillionth of a nanometer. This is way too small for any instruments we have today
to measure. However, to date scientist have measured the wave properties of molecules
as large as bucky balls, which are made of 60 carbon atoms making them about 600,000
times the size of an electron. Okay, so what does it mean if physical matter can be shown
to act just like photons in a double slit experiment? Remember, waves are spread out
and particles are located in one place. If you doubt this then take a pebble and throw
it into a pond, the ripples or waves spread out over the pond and are not located in one
place. de Broglie showed that all physical matter has wave properties like the photons
in the double slit experiment. He essentially proved that reality as we experience it only
exist when we observe or measure it. \'a0Another experiment done in 1982 by Alain Aspect shows
that electrons can communicate with each other instantly no matter how far apart they are.
This defies the speed of light rule which says that nothing can travel faster than the
speed of light. David Bohm, a famous physicist, states that the reason electrons can communicate
instantaneiously is because their seperation is an illusion. It is our perspective that
is limited. Our human perspective makes it look like everything in reality is separate
when in actuality it only appears that way when it is observed by our consciousness.
Let's go back over these scientific facts that strongly indicate that everything is
consciousness. The first thing I mentioned was the double slit experiment. If one electron
at a time is projected through a double slit, but you don't know which slit the electron
went through, the electron acts like a wave, even though it is only one electron. If you
measure or observe which slit the electron goes through then the electron acts like a
particle only, not a wave. Obviously, the act of observing which slit the electron went
through changes the properties of the electron or at least how our consciousness perceives
it. As de Broglie proved, this wave particle property applies to everything. This means
that consciousness or thought plays a role in how reality manifest itself. The experiment
by Alain Aspect in 1982 is so important because it actually proves that \'a0electrons can
communicate faster than the speed of light. This is a big indicator that reality is not
what it looks like on the surface. There is an excellent book out there by Amit Goswami
called The Self Aware Universe that makes a very good scientific case for everything
being consciousness. Most of us are not quantum physicist, but you don't have to be a quantum
physicist to understand the implications of these scientific experiments. \'a0The truth
is very simple, even if the experiments to prove the truth can get complicated. You don't
have to be a PhD in physics to understand the implications of the double slit experiment,
de Broglie's proof that all matter acts like a wave, \'a0or Alain Aspects experiment showing
that matter can communicate with other matter no matter how far apart it is. Really the
main problem with accepting that everything is consciousness is that it defies our normal
experience. After all, if everything is consciousness why can't we easily change our reality with
a thought? This runs into the idea about what is actually doing the thinking. Is it the
individual human ego/identity mind or some consciousness beyond that? I'll try to answer
these questions in the next segment of this episode. Meanwhile please share this video
and/or subscribe to my channel if you haven't already. I'm Dr. Bruce King and you have ben
watching the power of thought.\'a0}