First Interview with Loreen after winning Eurovision

Uploaded by LoreenDailyorg on 18.06.2012

Loreen you won!
Yes, I don't get it!
How does it feel?
It's crazy. Sweden has won the whole thing. It's crazy. I am so happy.
And it was you who did it.
Yes … I think we did it together. But yes.
Why did we win do you think?
I think Sweden dared to believe in simplicity and authenticity. And the right things, the right focus.
How was it to sit in the green room with all the scores just rolling in?
It was crazy. And usually when I get like that…. Not stressed, but “over excited” I get a little peace,
I think Christer was more “like this” than I was. but shit…
What did you say to each other?
I whispered in his ear “this can not be true.” It's crazy. I said “but you, when will peoples points come?”
I thought it was just the jury. “But Loreen the hell that's all in one”... “oh right”, I said.
Are you satisfied with the performance?
Yes, that's me.
Do you hesitate a little?
No, I'm just so “Euphoric.”
What does this mean for the future, do you know?
I have no idea, but it will be very exciting. I am pleased that we managed to unite.
Like, it doesn't matter which country, there is stuff that works everywhere. That represents us all. So what's next I do not know.
What will happen tonight?
Tonight I'll have some fun, I mean come on, we've been working the ass of us all. Now we get a grip and just relax.
A glass of wine, no, I'm joking. Yummy food and friends. Party! And I mean dance.
Big Congratulations!
Thank you! Can I get a hug?