Elias - PART 26 (English subtitles)

Uploaded by Monpensiers88 on 29.06.2012

Good morning.
What did you buy?
Some croissants and pastries. Want some?
No thank you. Are you celebrating something?
No, just something to make the weekday feel better.
Is something else happened besides the thing with Antti?
There has been a lot of things happening lately.
Like what?
I mean... If you want to talk, I'm right here.
Thank you. But it's nothing like that.
Taking care of the baby itself is enough.
Why were you thinking something like that?
Earlier you said there has been some problems. Did you mean OJ?
No, I've been thinking about our fight and Matleena moving in, that's all.
How do you know how much you have to put it on?
You learn to see it, when you practice enough. Do you want some tips?
Thanks! Everything like that is very new to me.
Well, we have the masquerade oarty soon. You can make yourself some war paint there.
Where were you?
I had to talk with Helena about the living situation.
Did you hear that there is gonna be a masquerade party in Moose?
Yes, Elias just mentioned it.
Where can we find outfits?
I have a lot of stuff in basement, just go and check it!
Did Cindy tell you what is going on with her?
I guess she doesn't have any secrets, or at least she would have told me about them.
Is there anything for men?
These are way too small for me.
They would fit to your head. Make a cool hat out of them.
Do I look good?
How about more carrying so I'll be able to find something?
Dear Ossi and Cindy
I switched your baby at the hospital.