Mikulski Notes Republicans' Broken Promises on Health Care Repeal

Uploaded by SenateDemocrats on 02.02.2011

I rise today in very strong opposition
to any attempt to repeal the healthcare reform bill. The Republican
leadership has offered an amendment to
repeal the affordable
healthcare act. Now Mr. President they’re only keeping half of their
promise. They went out there and campaigned
and the tea party at a teapot
boiling over and they said we’re gonna offer a bill to
repeal and to replace.
Well guess what they’re doing here today?
One more
haggle symbolic pander to the masses
amendment. Their amendment offers a repeal
but it does not offer a plan or strategy to
replace. Because you know why? They have no ideas.
And if you wanna rewrite the bill
keep your promise Ms. Republican Party. That if you wanna repeal
then let’s go to replace. And I want to hear their ideas for
replacement. I challenge them right here 0:01:12.070,0:01:17.310 right now, today on this amendment. Come in with other amendments on your
ideas for your replacement. I want
to know what it is that they
wanna do. I want
to know which parts of the healthcare
reform do they want to
repeal and replace.
What is it that they want to repeal and replace?
How about this? That no longer big or shorts
can deny coverage to a child with a preexisting condition. Do they want to repeal that?
And what are they going to replace it with?
Do they want to repeal the part where we allow
young people to stay on their parents plans until their 26?
Do they want to repeal that? And what do they wanna replace it with?
So I challenge them. If you want to repeal, keep the other half of your campaign promise.
Replace. Let’s put those replacement
ideas out into the light of day. Let’s put them out for debate and discussion and then
Votes. I’m up for the task,
I wonder if they are.