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Who is Jang Sewook?
Give me back my mother!!
~ WithS2 Presents ~ Channel CGV TV Movie ~ GIRL K ~
~ Starring ~
HAN Groo
KIM Jungtae
PARK Hyoju
BAEK Dobin ~ KIM Roeha
JEON Miseon ~ JEON Gukhwan
KIM Dongjun ~ KIM Inseo
You morons.
I told you not to fool around picking fights, didn't I?
And shouldn't you at least get some offense in, before getting beat up like this?
Uh?! Taekwondo black belts...
I know principles are important, but...
They threw a rock at me.
They knew they'd get their ass kicked, so they settled for a rock.
Principles, my ass.
Does that include attacking people with 2 X 4s?
Also, they asked for it.
Ahh... Really. The hell are you looking at?
Do you actually bathe?
- Can't get rid of the smell? - Hey... Stinky!
I bet your mother must stink even worse, then?!
Stop making things up, will you?
Who do you think you're lying to?
You know who this is? His father is chairman of our school board.
- A little apology would do, why make things... - Why should I?
Why should I apologize?
You still call yourself a teacher, and don't even listen to your students?
Or maybe you only listen to the son of the school board's chairman,
and what a fish vendor's daughter says doesn't mean squat?
Cha Yeonjin! You're out of here!
Don't you ever come to school again!
You don't even study, and now what the hell is all this?
Uh? And you call yourself a student?
St... Student...
Student, what?
Have you ever considered me one?
See you...
- This doesn't look right?! - Why, what's the matter?
It hurts...
It hurts...
That'll do.
Here is the crime scene of yet another shocking murder.
As with other recent murders, blood stains are all over the place.
According to police reports, another crime syndicate infiltrated the...
Yeonjin, is school already over?
Beat up someone again?
Will you stop picking fights?
You think forcing me to transfer schools all the time helps me become popular?
But no need to worry about that now, since I won't go to school.
And what would you accomplish...
I better go. So the mackerel is for tomorrow, right?
Yeonjin, see you.
I've really had it with this.
You mess with me for the hell of it?!
Let's have lunch. Hungry, aren't you?
That's it.
Making a big fuss for nothing...
But why aren't those boys leaving you alone?
I guess you could call that being popular, too.
Right? My girl.
Popular, my ass.
So why did you bother making me learn all those martial arts?
I kept telling you how much I hated it...
It's because you never know what can happen out there.
And that was only for self-defense, I never told you to pick fights.
So should they provoke you again, just run away without fighting, all right?
Ahh... Give me a break! Blaming me again, aren't you?
Just mind your business and worry about yourself.
I'm not gonna become miserable like you, got it?
Cha Yeonjin. Where are you going?
Don't stay out late!
You douchebag. How dare you bullshit me?
So hard-working people carrying fish around would be a "drug smuggling cartel"?
Making up shit for the hell of it...
Finding out whether it's drugs or not is up to you, Detective...
It's just that I kept hearing Jang Sewook this, Jang Sewook that...
"I hear." You know, I've heard it myself.
- "I hear"? - Yes.
I thought the goods were coming in from Thailand?!
Do those people look Southeast Asian to you?
I ought to just...
Ahh... But I'm sure something's up...
Was it four in the morning?!
Get out, you fuc...
Come out.
I don't have all day!
It's got to be four in the morning.
Uh?! That's Yeonjin. Yeonjin! What's up?
It's Bonggu Oppa, Bonggu.
Give me a fucking break...
How can you not worry about this country's future?!
And you just start dancing like that, right?
Get moving, Korea's hopeless future!
Detective Choi, are you just leaving? Give me a lift home, we're a bit far.
Taking the piss? The hell am I, your driver?
Beat it! One... two...
Drug smugglers?! Retarded asswipe...
Get out of the way.
Hey, Yeonjin.
What's wrong? It's a happy day, remember?
Yeonjin, must have been hard enduring school for that long.
Couldn't have done better.
So with that in mind, we prepared a little something for you.
Now that's what you call friends. Buying me a chain and all.
What's with you people?
Stop it.
The fuck are those pricks doing, anyway?!
Stop fooling around on someone else's soil and go back to your goddamned country!
Hey... I said stop it...
You don't speak Korean?
It means "Go Home."
What the...
What was that?
Are they, what, fighting?
A gas pistol?! Aigoo...
Everyone, stop!
It's the police.
Shit, the hell am I supposed to do if they find out it's a gas pistol?
It's all right, what do they know anyway?! Choi Taeyoung. Fighting, fighting!
Hands up, you dumbasses! Move and I'll shoot.
That's just a gas pistol...
What loser would prance around with a pathetic gas pistol?! Come on...
Know who I am?
I'm Choi Taeyoung of the crime division!
Over a dozen people had a taste of my little friend here,
and some were even accidentally killed. Guess that's why people call me "Stray Bullet."
- But the wind is blowing your way?! - Ahh... Give me a break.
If it blows this way... So what? What do I care?
Why, afraid the bu... b... bullet won't hit you?
Hey, mustache over there! What part of "stay put" don't you understand?
The hell is that?
Stay away, you prick.
Crime Division Choi Taeyoung here. Shots fired at Bukseong Harbor, quick!
You think I'm in the mood for jokes? Just send me some backup.
Stop! I said stop it!!
Did... Did he really kill them?
Did Yunseok and Yunjoon really get killed?
Wake up and listen to me.
Run home and don't you dare take a step outside.
And don't tell anyone about this.
Got it?
So what you're saying is there were more of them?
So who shot them?
This has something to do with Jang Sewook trying to expand...
from simple drug smuggling to contraband weapons as well.
It was a pro for sure. Like an hired killer or something.
- Wait... Did you just say Jang Sewook? - Yes.
Taeyoung, just take a few days off for now.
We'll hand this over to special crimes and I'll write up a report on Jang Sewook.
All right?
- I'll catch Jang Sewook for you. - Taeyoung, this is a major case.
How can someone who can't even catch a few street thugs deal with Jang Sewook?
If you get involved, we'll even lose those already in custody.
Chief, don't do this to me. At least give me a real gun...
A nice piece, while you're at it. If I had one earlier, I would've caught them all.
Aigoo! Want a tank, while you're at it?
Just keep prancing around settling petty fights between bullies, you twat.
- Chief! I'm crime division, too! - Right! The least crime division-like at that!
- Take a break, will you? - Chief...
Aww... This is so unfair.
Yeonjin! What's up? It's Bonggu Oppa, Bonggu.
Where are you?
Yeonjin... I'm scared!
They might be following me.
You're all right, uh?
Hodong, listen well.
Let's tell all this to the police.
All right?
Let's meet by the police station. I'll be leaving now.
All right. Fine.
Been here for long? Let's go in.
Shouldn't students be home at this hour?
Who are you? And my mother?
Taking her with me. I suggest you do as you're told.
Go tell the cops and your mother dies. Just bring us the goods you found today.
What goods are you talking about?
The aluminium vial. Already forgot?
Who is it? Who are you?
What did you do to my mother?
Did you do that to Hodong? Why?!
Hello? Mom... Mom!!
Playing games...
- So this is Cha Yeonjin's address, right? - I told you already...
Right... So all those people got shot?
Wow... It was all over the news.
One of these days, hanging out with you will get me killed.
I'll be damned, really...
Keep playing, you ninny.
- Let me go! - Ahh... Really. Can we give it a rest?
Folks! Come out and help this ajumma, will you?
Looks like evil gangsters are trying to abduct her!
- I said let me go! - Ahh... Ajumma.
Why don't you just call your daughter? It's her we need to deal with, anyway.
Yeonjin?! Who... Who are you people?
Let me go!
What's the matter?
- This must be a misunderstanding. - Let go!
You must be looking for trouble. Is that what you want?
Insuk, are you all right?
[Kim Younggil]
- Let's go. - Wait... What's going on?
How about Yeonjin? Those people mentioned her.
Insuk, we have no time to waste.
- We must go. - No.
Yeonjin is on her way here. We've got to wait for her.
The hell is this?
Made another mess, all right.
Maybe they smelled I was coming and fled?!
[Seonhwa Massage] [Top Class Service Open 24/7]
[Bring us the goods!]
Come here!
Cha Yeonjin, who are you? What were you doing at that dock?
Why were you the only one to make it out alive?
Ajeosshi... Please help my mother. She's in danger!
Spare me the bullshit. Who shot all those people?
He almost killed me as well!
- You work for Jang Sewook, don't you? - I don't know him.
Who's this Jang Sewook? I don't know a thing...
Ajeosshi... You can see for yourself.
- Help my mother! - And what is this?
- What the hell... - Don't touch it!
What are you doing?
You little... Come here.
- Taking the piss? - Ajeosshi, let me go.
Who the hell are you trying to fool...
What is this? It hurts!
Hey! Stop there!
What, you stare at me? Hey!
Come back here!
Aww... It's so heavy...
The key... Shit, the key!
I'll be damned...
Ahh... Hello?!
The locksmith, right?
I was wondering, can you unlock handcuffs, too?
They lost the goods around Bukseong Harbor.
Seems like it will take a little more time.
All right.
Chief Min. When are the drugs coming in?
It won't be easy to get our hands on them,
and the goods are actually in the hands of Cha Insuk's daughter.
Quite the peculiar coincidence.
Yu Seongho has once again emerged as well.
They were all still in Korea.
I apologize.
But don't worry, we'll take care of it right away.
All right, I'll leave you to it.
Insuk... Insuk.
Let go... I need to find Yeonjin. She's probably waiting for me!
- Insuk! - I must find her, let me go!
You can't go! You can't go now.
It was him.
He sent those people to abduct you.
I don't know how they managed to find you.
But the only thing that matters is the fact they were trying to abduct you.
Then... Then Yeonjin is in even more danger.
They'll find out where she is right away!
Please... Please, let go of me!
Idiot... You still don't get it? I can't live without that child!
I promise I'll bring her back to you.
I will.
Jang Sewook. What's going on here?
Our men were hit as well. I'm sending you pictures of her.
I want no mistakes. Chairman Kwon needs those goods.
How the hell did you manage to get us into this mess?
What are you doing?
The Lord wants us to find her by the end of the day.
Director Jang. What's going on here?
How could you let this happen? Uh?
- They don't look familiar, do they? - Beats me...
- Same goes for me. - Really? Oh well...
Di... Director Jang? You know how much this'll cost me?
I lost six men already.
It's nine.
Wait... Wait!
- 17 Years Earlier -
How can you do this, President?!
I'd understand if it was someone else, but she's your...
My daughter. So?
What would that have to do with you, anyway?
Go to China, there are plenty of things for you to do there.
Why are you doing this? You gave your word like all of us.
I never imagined it would be for something like this.
Hurry up and leave, too.
President Kwon has always been like a father to me, you know I can't do that.
Weren't you the one who recruited me and told me to be loyal to him?
the worst mistake I ever made.
Why are you even doing this? What's so special about that woman?!
She is special enough to put my life on the line for her sake.
Let go... Where are you taking me?
Take me to the president. Where is he now?
Chief, what's going on?
She's not on the list of authorized personnel.
Why are you doing all this?
Wake up. You still don't get it?
Kwon Dohwan couldn't care less about you!
But it's his child, how could he...
This won't make any difference.
It's my final warning.
If you leave this place, next time we'll meet as enemies.
All he wants is that child.
And once he gets his hands on her, he won't need you anymore.
You're going to die because of her.
No way. You can just finish me off right here. This is my child.
What about her name?
How does Yeonjin sound?
[Seonhwa Massage]
Here for a job interview?
Wow... That's a killer outfit.
The boss is gonna love it.
But drop the badass look, uh?
First rule in this establishment is be kind to your customers, and yet you...
The hell did she go?
Wh... What is she doing there?!
What the fuck?
The customers keep bitching about your titties, uh?
It tickles...
- Ehh... Acting all prissy... - Mom!
Here, line up. Biggest boobs first.
And you are?
We don't take high-schoolers. Come again after you graduate.
I'll be here with open arms.
- My mother's here, right? - Mother?!
Ahh... Sorry sons of bitches, are they turning this into a retirement home?
You're all I get to work with, no surprise I get these kids knocking at my door.
Girls, out of here.
Go back to work.
Right, remember the boob job next week.
That will do, right?
Where is my mother?
What took you so long? We've been waiting for ages.
Look at the sweat. Shall we have a seat and talk it out?
Aww... Guess it wasn't easy to find. Did you run here?
And what grade are you in, again?
I said where is my mother!
I gave you what you wanted, so now let my mother go.
All right... Sure!
All right... Fine.
Just a sec. Let me look for something down here...
Been so long, wonder if I still remember how to use it?!
I guess this is how I killed that fella? I'm sure that shithead croaked.
But I'm afraid I changed my mind now?!
I'm neither letting your mother nor you go. You'll have to stay here with me.
I'm gonna slit your fucking throat. Where is my mother?
I was expecting her, but the boss still hasn't sent anyone.
I don't know a thing.
- Who's the boss? - Director Jang...
Jang Sewook...
Who the fuck is Cha Yeonjin?
Cha Yeonjin!
Yeonjin! Hurry up!
- Ajeosshi?! - Quick!
Catch them!
[My Little Girl] [Mom, hurry up. I'm on the first floor of Baekyun Mall]
Who were those people? And who's this Jang Sewook?
- I need to find Mom. - She's all right.
I'll take you to her.
But why were those people after you? What happened?
I don't know. I wouldn't even know where to start.
But Mom is really okay, right? Why are you here?
Ajeosshi... What is all this about?
From now on, you better forget about the Yu Seongho you knew.
Where is she? You said she was here!
- Tell me where she is!! - Yeonjin!
Think about it. You know anyone with ties to Jang Sewook?
Let's see what's cooking, Jang Sewook.
You're screwed this time.
I'm afraid you barked up the wrong tree, you prick.
Hey! Choi Taeyoung here. Where is Bonggu?
Yeonjin, I'm here. Yeonjin...
Who are you?
Where is Yeonjin?
I was actually wondering that. Whether she'd actually come this far.
But won't she be looking for Mommy now?
You know Jang Sewook, right?
- Where is he? Come on! - Jang Sewook?
Beats me. And even if I knew I wouldn't tell you, or I'd end up de...
All right... All right. I'll tell you.
Why is everyone taking it out on me?
Who else came here?
Let me go!
Chief, it's me. Looks like Jang Sewook is plotting something.
Send me some backup.
I mean it!
Let go... I said let go of me!
You people... Who are you?
Where is she... Where is Yeonjin?
If you lay a finger on her, I'll make you pay!
Stay put.
You don't seem to get it, do you?
You'll meet Yeonjin soon enough.
Yeonjin, I'm gonna go find your mother.
Get her!
"Ye are the salt of the earth."
"But if the salt have lost his savour, wherewith shall it be salted?"
I must have been around ten at the time.
I had been starving for a whole week and on my last legs,
when I hit an old granny with a rock, just to steal a thousand won from her.
Someone had witnessed it all.
The Blessed Virgin Mary.
Mary whispered in my ear.
"Into thy hands I commit myself, so commit thyself into my hands."
And so on I went, pounding on the granny's head with even greater resolve.
You must find her by the end of the day.
Yes, Hyungnim. I'll bring her to you whatever it takes.
Kill or cripple her, I'll bring her before you at all cost.
Let's go!
Yeonjin... Yeonjin!
It's the police.
Where's Jang Sewook?
You better stay put, or else...
What the hell...
You really shouldn't...
Assaulting a police officer, obstruction and all... It's three years in the can...
Thank you.
Don't take that!
Ahh... I suddenly feel dizzy?!
I knew this would happen, so here I am.
Ahh... Shit. What now?
But, Hyungnim. Where do we find that brat?
"Seek and ye shall find," dumbass. Get the car.
I'll go get the car.
Who is Jang Sewook?
Give me back my mother!!
Your mother's doing just fine.
Save for a couple of little bruises here and there, I guess.
And I won't kill you, either. Just a few little fractures here and there.
But I will.
Are you all right?
Can you get up?
Don't tell me that's all you've got...
Because if you can get through me, then you could get your mother back.
Want to see your mommy?
Afraid it's too late for that now.
Who the fuck are you?
You bastard...
Stay away, Yeonjin! Stay away from here!
No... Don't... Yeonjin!
Did you bring the goods?
Yeonjin... Hurry up and give it to him.
We don't need that!
That's all you need, isn't it?
So please... Please let Yeonjin go!
Shall I?
Should I really do that?
That's right. Good girl.
Yeonjin... I'm all right.
It's okay... Why did you come here, you silly?
Let her go now. You got what you wanted!
So let Yeonjin go.
I'm begging you. Please... Let her go...
Please... I'll give you everything I have, even my own body,
so please let Yeonjin go...
Can we go?
Yeonjin, let's go.
Let's go home.
Let's go.
Doesn't it hurt?
But the pain will not linger on.
Ruth: Chapter 1.
"Where thou diest, will I die, and there will I be buried."
It's all right.
My girl...
My pretty little girl...
You know that Mom loves you, don't you?
Don't worry.
I'll always be by your side.
Mom, don't leave me!
Mom... Please...
"If aught but death part thee and me,"
"May the Lord do so to me, and more also."
Stop there!!
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