Dennis Dayman from Eloqua on how Message Systems helps Lower Costs and Drive Revenue

Uploaded by MessageSystems on 29.10.2012

My name is Dennis Dayman. I’m the Chief Privacy & Security Officer for Eloqua. Eloqua
is a revenue performance management company that primarily drives customers’ leads mostly
though email, and also through the social media channel.
Part of my job also kinda rolls around deliverability as well. Email is a risk if you don’t do
it right. And because of my previous background, it has kind of helped with the compliance
area if you will, you know, for the company.
I’ve seen the limitations of most mail platforms, whether they are open source or whether they
are enterprise level. In this case, for Ironport for us, we had way too many boxes number one,
at which from a cost perspective just didn’t make any sense. Yes, there were a lot of issues
around deliverability and deliverability can be broken down into several different areas.
Was the message able to be delivered? Whether it was a technical issue or an anti-spam situation.
The other problems were: were we re-trying messages when we needed to retry messages?
In other words, if the mailbox was full, did we just say oh we’re just going to give
up and not even try to attempt to deliver this, when we should attempt to do that. So
the logic behind our platform wasn’t really there.
We had a choice. We had BareMetal. We also had to be able to do that in virtual and that
was important for us because there was a cost factor behind that. There was also the issue
of if we need more instances how fast can we turn those off right? So we definitely
looked at how it was best to implement – we had a lot of choices to go through. But for
us overall, it was pretty quick for us.
So looking at all these three different things, we just kinda went, you know what, we gotta
pull out of here and just kinda reassess where we are going and obviously Message Systems
was that choice for us.
We were also able to reduce our infrastructure size as well. We went from around, I think,
15 or 17 IronPorts to five. And for us, that means we can expand to more verticals by having
such a platform in place. Verticals currently today are like enterprise stuff. So we sell…
our customers sell software, they sell services. But we also want to move into other areas
like healthcare and financial type information. And being able to support those types of messages
because of certain regulations, there are certain best practices about how you handle
that message, how you deliver it, does help us expand those verticals, which in overall
cases, actually increases our revenue.