Ezel 40 English Part 1

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"Our dirty pleasures"
Admit it Eysan...
Where do you want too be now?
I'm leaving
Sit son
Sit down son
Are you really my brother?
I am
Who is in the grave then?
Someone who has nobody
He died in the fire
Did you then get out?
It's been 5 years
Did you come back once...
To the neighborhood?
I did of course, a lot
I watched from outside
But you didn't come in
You became rich
For revenge
Why didn't you take you're revenge immediately?
Why there?
Shall we talk this long conversation some other time Mert?
Lets not talk long, lets talk short, lets talk now
Did you take you're revenge?
There are no short answers to these questions
I'm still going to call you Ezel
Its not easy to accept it, you're face doesn't look like him
Sometimes I see something and I think I found it but then...
I understand Mert
Its no problem brother I'll wait
There happened a lot of things, you don't know what to believe...
Be silent so I can hug my brother, okay?
My brother
My brother has become a big man
My brave heart
Come on, get inside the house
We are coming father
We are coming father we're coming
My brother came inside mother
He's coming to you now
Omer my son
My dear mother
My beautiful mother
I can say my son's name now
And nothing is happening, Omer
Admit it
What do you want?
Where is you're inside going?
Have some more son
Mother, I'm full its enough
Omer will come to the shop now too
Let the boy breath a bit
He wanted it himself I didn't say anything
I'm going to come father I am, I'm going to the shop with you
Mother who'll go shopping with you
The bazaar is still on friday right?
Friday, friday
But there is a market now I buy my supplies from there
You too mother
And we'll go to matches with Mert
This year you're good
Are you still for Besiktas (football club) Mert?
Yes, you?
Did you change you're team like you're face?
No, you cant change teams
But for brother's sake
And seriously,
I wanted to say it for months but I couldn't say it
Say it son
The lamp outside is broken dad, I'm going to change that
I'm going to do a lot of things, there is a lot of work
You've got a lot of time now son
Is there really?
No I'm serious
So that we can know if there is something we don't know about
So we know if you're going to leave again
Its no problem mother, no problem
I don't believe it
After my face was shaped like this the first thing I did was come here Mert
I passed you at the graveyard
I've waited a long time in front of this house
Once you came to me, you know the night you threw away those letters
You kicked me out
No brother, how could you have known, how could you believe it?
Even I don't believe it
I'm here
I'm with my family
I cant believe it
What are we going to do then?
We're going to wait
One day you're going to say: brother Omer can you take me to work
My dad is going to toast me because I don't visit him
I don't know, my mom is going to make me read from the newspapers
So we're just going to wait
How long are we going to wait?
As long as we need
Because I'm not leaving anymore, my family is here
Are you sure?
Is you're whole family here?
While waiting I'll change the lamp
Come inside now
Okay mother I'm coming this hard thing had me working
Is it because of what Mert said?
No mother, I'm home with my family what would I want more then this?
You're family
Its okay
its not okay Omer
You just understand everything Mother
Mother's understand
And a mother who has waited for her son will understand more
I don't know mother, just thinking about it is a shame to me
I just came back
But seeing everybody inside there...
I wanted to complete my family
I want my grandchild too Omer
Do you just want you're son?
I made it
My fist performance as Omer
Everyone hides what they want
Because its wrong, because its inappropriate, its dangerous, its too evil, its too good!
But you Eysan...aren't like everyone, you always know what you want
Admit it to yourself, with who do you want to be?
They retreated to their own world now
Phones are changed, security is more
They go outside with black windowed cars
Whatever they do they do it under closed doors and surrounded by walls of meat
Their own hotel, their own ships, their own plains
There is always a wall between
That wall is so high...
I adore you're determination
We're going to Cyprus
We're going to take a look at our hotel
Eysan has magnificent ideas
What a wonderful women right Ezel?
What you say on that side won't reach this side Ezel
Admit it, as long as you don't get to this side, the things you say on that side wont be heard by Eysan
Because this side is the side of winner's
What is that side then?
We can go
Look at this
They are right in front of us but they became unreachable
Is it Eysan again man
You didn't understand it brother Ali
How are we going to reach this man
My wife is still there and his what do you call Eysan is there
Chief can you take a look
What happened to my car?
You're our chief brother go take a look
This girl won't look at our face anymore
I know Eysan better then you
Is that so?
Eysan loves the ones who are powerful
Don't expect sympathy from her, she has already thrown herself there its over
I don't agree with you
Weren't they flying high?
You said that we should jump lower
Lets find an apprentice Ezel
Where is my chalk
When did you do that brother Ali, you where laying under cars all day
I recently became a union president son
What union?
The neighborhood poor...something