Bruce Almighty (5/9) Movie CLIP - Bruce Gets His Job Back (2003) HD

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- Bigger? - Oh, come on! look at them!
Please. They are definitely bigger. l mean, look. They feel huge.
Well, listen, l, uh, have to go,
but this has been the breast bek-- breast--
Thankyou. Where areyou going?
To get myjob back.
#Yeah, yeah #
# l am great Yeah,yeah #
#\ _m-- ## Good grief. Is that what l'm drivin'?
[ Growls ]
[ Engine Rewing ]
Whoa. N ice car, man.
Yeah. It gets me from ''A'' to ''B.''
## [ Car Stereo: Rock ]
Oh, darn. All this horsepower and no room to gallop.
- [ Engine Revving ] - Heigh-ho, Silver, away!
[ Shouting, l ndistinct ]
l certainlywouldn't want to be a fugitive on the run with Hank,
Buffalo's number-one police dog on thejob.
This is Phil Sidleman reporting from the Police Canine Training Center,
Channel 5 News.
- And cut it. - ## [Whistling ]
## [ Continues Whistling ]
Channel 7, right? You're the guy that went crazy?
What areyou doing here?
There's no stoy here. This pond is all fished out.
Pretty standard stuff an_ay.
My instinct tells me there's something more.
lt served you well in the past, right?
- [ Dog Barks ] - [ Officer] Mm-hmm.
- [ Barks ] - Hey! Hank found something!
Hey, we got a body! Over here!
Get the camera! Now!
- It's locked, and the keys are inside! - l guess evey dog has his day.
Hey, kid. You wanna make 1 O bucks? You know how to use one ofthese?
Duh. [ l mitates Trumpet Notes ]
Seems to be in tune. Let's do this.
The body ofJimmy Hoffa was uncovered in a field today...
outside ofa canine training center in Buffalo, New York.
Bruce Nolan was the first on the scene.
As you can see behind us, the body is being carefully exhumed...
and will be transported to a medical facility,
where D.N.A. testing can confirm the identity.
That, however, merely a formality at this point,
as in a bizarre twist, the bodywas found buried with a birth certificate...
and complete set ofdental records.