Program Your Garage Door Opener Codes for Marantec & Precision

Uploaded by PrecisionGarageDoor on 30.06.2011

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Hi, I'm Derek with Precision Door.
Are you experiencing technical difficulties with your door opener remote or just looking to change the keypad code?
This quick video will provide you with step by step instructions for programming your garage door remote control and keypad for a Marantec opener. Let's take a walk.
All Marantec models have 3 buttons you use to go through the menus.
Older Marantec models had 5 menus with the Program Remote option last in line. Newer Marantec models let you program the remote on the third menu.
The “P” button is your Program Button.
The “+” Button sets your limits UP. The “-” Button sets your limits DOWN.
In order to program the remote, you have to get to the menu that allows you to access that function.
To get into Program Mode – push and hold the “P” button.
This automatically takes you into the the first menu to program the UP limits.
Press and release it a second time, and it takes you into the second menu to set the DOWN limits.
Press and release for a third time and you're in the menu to program your remote.
Once you are in Program Mode, press and hold the remote until the light starts to flash.
Press “P” one more time and it takes you out of the programming menu and back into operational mode that is ready to work.
If you want to add more remotes, you'll have to jump start them from the first programmed remote. How do you do that, you ask?
It's all done with a tiny gadget that was included when you first bought your remote...and I bet some of you can't remember what it is...Let me show you.
[Old kung-fu music plays]
Some of you may have seen this tiny thing and not known what to do with it.
Maybe you used it to clean your finger nails? Maybe you used it to clean your teeth?
If you used it for both..? Yeah, that's nasty!
This is your jumper.
Slide “The Jumper” into the side of the remote.
Connect them together.
Press the remote that works. Then press and hold the new remote until the light stops flashing.
The other thing you will have to program other than the remote control is the wireless keypad. And yes, you'll need your trusty “jumper” device for that too.
The keypad also has a port for the “Jumper”.
Connect the programmed remote to the keypad.
Press ENTER on the keypad. Enter your chosen 4 digits.
Then press ENTER again.
It's a simple as that! Just remember the wisdom of the talking fortune cookie...
[Kung Fu Voice ] - “The key is to get ONE remote to work with the motor and THEN you can jump that to anything else!
If this video hasn't solved your problem and you're still having trouble, we suggest you call us at 877-301-7474 and we'll have one of our certified technicians come out to help you.
We're Precision Door... a name you can trust.
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