UFC 151 - O dia do arrego | Ducking day

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Hello, good afternoon to all. We are here for the UFC 151 Main Event
Fighters Press Conference
Jon “Three legs”Jones will defend his belt against Dan Henderson on September 1st
And, breaking protocol a little, let's do the photo shooting before the questions.
Jones, Hendo step forward please
I just came to say that I hurt my knee yesterday and I can't fight...
My bad... see ya!
that’s bullshit! Now I have to find a last minute replacement
Jones, will you accept fighting anyone who shows up?
Hell yeah! I am the champ, and I am not afraid!
Great, somebody bring me my cellphone
Hello, Chael? I need you to fight Jones next week, do you accept?
Great, come to the press conference right now!
So boss, who did you call for me to beat up next week?
It's a middleweight, who is out of shape, unprepared and has recently been defeated.
Hahahaha, easy fight!
Here he comes!
Who turned the lights off?
Hey Johnny Boy!
I can see you Johnny Boy!
It can't be!! Not him! Please, not him!
I can feel your fear Johnny Boy.
There's no place to run Johnny Boy...
Wow! Just wow, well let's move on...
Wait a minute, where's Jones?
Probably sitting on a corner desperately crying like a little girl, and
holding a teddy bear while I slowly enter his mind and destroy his interior.
That's not it. Jones just went for some water. We had a long talk and came to a conclusion.
It would have been the biggest mistake of Jones career to accept this
fight. Chael does not deserve it. Jones refuses the fight.
Another Ducker? Damn, I am leaving...I'll start trashtalking in a different weight division.
Dominick Cruz, you fight like a drunken house pet, I am a gangster and I am going to get you!
Jones will be right back.
There Jonny, the mean man has went away.
U swear? =(
Yes, now swallow your tears and get back to the press conference, they will find you a new opponent.
Ok *.*
Now that Jones is back, lets continue. Because of his huge ducking from Chael, all is messed up and UFC 151 was canceled.
But we already have a new opponent. Jones will face Lyoto Machida on 09/22 in Toronto!
Lyoto get over here.
I've been here for a long time...
I shall honor the UFC, as a great warrior that I am, and I will never run away from challenges.
And Jones, I will have my revenge, The Dragon is here to rip your head off. Machida 2.0, faster than the wind.
Does this mean you are going to sleep even faster?
Keep on joking, I'll see you September 22
I'm pissed off for having to cancel an entire event!
At least I managed to schedule a fight to Mr. Ducker here!
I think we can finish this press conference and...
who's calling me at this time?
(collect call tone)
Hi Danny!!!
Look, I was just surfing the interwebs and I found out that UFC 151 was canceled :O 4 real?
Yes, some shit happened and I had to cancel it.
That's bad!
You know, shit happens.
Look, I would like to offer myself to you.
Helooo! I offer myself to fight to fight at 205 and save the event.. Duh
And you can put me against anyone you want, except Jones and Lyoto. Buddies.
It's an interesting offer, how about...
Oh, nor Shogun who is also a friend... Minotouro is my bro and I really like Bader too.
OK so we have...
Rashad no way, bffs! Same goes to Davis, Gustaffson and Thiago Silva.
Anderson, you know what? Thanks for you attitude, but it is not going to be necessary, I already canceled the event.
Oh, that's bad =( Bye Bye!
Finally, let's finish things up here...
WTF. Who is calling now?
Dana I need more time, I can't accept the fight, changed my mind...
What? You were all pumped up, talking about revenge!
It's just that when I do Ryu cosplay I get carried away... I got home, took the costume out and got to think better about it...
I get you... See ya Lyoto, come back more often...
Cool, I will go back there more times!
(Damn, what will I do now?)
(I need to find somebody to fight Jones)
(I got it. Shogun would never runaway, he is a huge warrior!)
Shogun? Glad I could reach you. What do you think about facing Jones on 09/22?
Vrom! Vrom!

It seems that's it, no one want's to fight Jones.
Only a miracle from God could save us now!