Texas Line Dance | On The Way To Saturday

Uploaded by ShareATT on 19.10.2012

Will: Dallas, Texas. Ravi: Dude, there's a line dancing place nearby. Dude, I'm going to be so good at this. Will: Oh dude, you think you're going to be a good dancer?
Ravi: Oh, dude. I'm going to be a natural. Will: Dance off. Ravi: Do me a favor.
Stop off at this other place first. I want to look good. Terry: Hi y'all.
Will and Ravi: Hey. Terry: I'm Terry. Welcome to Texas and Cowboys Arlington. Ravi: Y'all going to teach us how to dance?
Terry: I am going to teach you how to dance. Walk.
Back it up. Nice pants.
Ravi: Nice legs.
Terry: Triple step. Will: I feel like I can go grocery shopping like this.
I need some canned corn. There it is. Will: Is there another level I can
go ahead
and advance to so I don't have to wait for him to catch up? Will: Listen, you don't even have
flamenco clapping at the end of yours.
Will: Walked into that place. Amazing.
Ravi: You have the bull riding. Alright, get a picture for my mom. Go. Will: I love bull riding. You have to be loose in the hips.

Will: Look, I'm going to use postcards on the run. I'm going to send a postcard. Ready? Ravi: Just take the picture, Will!
Will: Ready? Alright, we're going to send. Ravi: Yay.
Will: Alright, let's get out of here. Terry: Hey everyone I want to introduce you. This is Will and Ravi. Will: Howdy. Terry: He's sporting these nice pants. Ravi: Yea, who's into pants?
Will: We're going to dance to the death.
[music] Terry: These boys came in here. They had a lot of talent.
Will: We came in here as students
and we left as champions.
Terry: If it was a competition, in the end...
Ravi: Let's call it a tie. Will: Teamwork.
Terry: It was a tie. Will: Thank you, you guys are awesome.
Ravi: Total pro's. Teamwork. Will: Boom.
Person: Your hat's on backwards. Ravi: Total pro's
Will: That's embarrassing.