Creating Art Textures for Painting & Design : Art Textures: Adding Texture to Paper

Uploaded by expertvillage on 05.10.2008

Sometimes you want to work with a surface that's already textured. And if you don't
want to buy something like papyrus paper, which obviously has a lot of texture, or you
don't like this very linear texture then you can add texture right on to your surface.
Now, you can't do this with just paper it has to be some sort of a board it has to be
a little bit heavier than paper, and a good sort of adhesive to use would be something
like a matte medium. It dries clear, it says matte, so it's going to dry matte, they also
have gloss medium and it's a clear acrylic and it works essentially as a glue. So you
put this over your surface and you have to work quite quickly and you're sort of glopping
it on, there's, there's no need to be fancy here. And I'm going to use tissue paper, you
can use anything else, you can use rice paper, you could put on some sort of patterned fabric
if you wanted. And just make sure that your paper has rough edges, has broken edges, because
you don't really want sharp edges necessarily. And you sort of smush it down there, and if
you're worried about it staying, you might add a little bit more matte medium on top
to just make sure that it, it stays down and you can work out any air bubbles that you
end up with. And you can smush this around if you don't happen to, if you think that's
too strong, you want to sort of, you get in there with your hands and kind of play with
it. And once this is dry, it will dry white and then you can go over it and see what happens
with it as a textural surface. So you have very quickly and very quickly created a textural
surface that you then can play with.