This is LAS: Dylon, World Traveler

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I am Dylon Busser, I’m studying biology and international studies in the College of
Liberal Arts & Sciences, and I went to Thailand this summer.
I’ve always enjoyed traveling, and I knew when I came to UIC it was something I wanted
to make use of and take advantage of during my college career.
My international studies minor is focusing on Global Health and issues that surround
health disparities, and understanding why these global issues are still persisting today
even when we have ample resources and people.
I did a lot of research online, and with that and the tools that the UIC Study Abroad office
gave me I found the program that I think was very suited for me.
The name of the program was BIOCEP, and it stands for bioethics cross-cultural education
program. So I was able to work with a lot of international students from all over the
world. We had people come in from the United Nations, the World Health Organization, people
from every single continent talked to us about the work that they were working on. Things
like malnutrition and how we can have such a strong economy going on in Bangkok and then
50 miles outside of that people don’t really have any access to health care.
We travelled a lot; the Thai students that we were working with helped us out a lot.
They obviously enjoyed having us around and being able to show us their country. They’re
proud of the things their country has to offer. We rode some elephants, and I walked a tiger.
We visited a lot of sites, went to beaches, and hung out and just tried to be as Thai
as we could.
It was a great experience; I loved it.
This is a global experience.
This is LAS.