Penn State Science Co-op and International Opportunities

Uploaded by PennStateScience on 11.12.2009

Male professor: I think the university experience these days is not just about coming to a classroom
where world experts are going to teach you knowledge. You have to go out there and get
the knowledge for yourself. The co op program and study abroad program at the Eberly College
are other ways in which students here can really enrich their experiences and make it
part of the real world.
Male professor: Many students are afraid to go abroad; they think it will delay their
graduation. In fact, one of the things we discovered at our partner institutions it’s
exactly the opposite.
Male voice: Education is just not confined to classrooms.
Female student: I studied abroad in Rome. I chose to study art there so I saved my art
credits and studied art history there. I have many years of medical school ahead of me where
I probably won’t be able to travel and so this really allowed me to get out and see
different places that I wouldn’t otherwise be able to see.
Male student: Studying abroad is a lot different than just vacationing somewhere. You’re
not going there and looking from the outside in. When you study abroad you’re living
amongst the people. For over six months I felt like I was part of the British culture.
Male alumni: The college of science has a program called cooperative education that
basically is designed to allow students to take a few semesters and gain experience in
an actual working environment.
Male professor: In general it’s a great way to earn money, get credits at the same
time and have research experience outside Penn State.
Male student: For over six months I worked for Pfizer Pharmaceuticals as a chemical analyst.
Working for Pfizer was an amazing opportunity and I know that I have a place to fall back
on now.
Female student: Right now I’m doing a co-op at McNeil Pharmaceuticals in Philadelphia.
I think saying “Hey I worked at McNeil working on Tylenol” is very impressive for people
when they look at you like “You just graduated from college and you already worked for six
months at a company like McNeil.” I think that’s really impressive. And when you come
back to school you’re ready to start a new set of classes because you haven’t had classes
in six months. And you’re excited, can’t wait to schedule, and because you’re going
back to Penn State.