Hypothermia is a Scary Thing

Uploaded by usweathergov on 14.05.2012

>>Schuyler: Hypothermia is a scary thing
For my case with everything that was going on in the elements once we touched that water
I had an initial shock just a cold you know, a cold rush.
Unfortunately, when hypothermia sets in, when your body temperature drops below normal and
your body kinda goes into survivor mode so your body begins to shiver,
cause friction, try to warm itself up. The colder the water obviously the colder,
the faster your body starts dropping temperature and more things develop
and set in as far as amnesia, unconsciousness, and obviously death can occur later on.
The feeling I can't really explain. It it's as scary as can be.
And you never seem to warm up. No matter how warm you are you never seem to warm up and
you get colder and colder and colder. Things start getting numb so you start worrying about
it. For me, I was very lucky to get out of that
alive. For the others of course not. So, you can never be too conscious. There's many ways
to prevent it if you do get in those scenarios, but
once again it's a moment in time if your body drops too low.