Weight Loss Motivation (Keep yourself motivated)

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Hi this is James Kenton.
This is an extract from my Weight Loss Interviews program.
It’s possibly the most important audio track in package.
Because it doesn’t matter how many amazing tips, how many clever ways you know to feel full for longer;
Because it doesn’t matter how many amazing tips, how many clever ways you know to feel full for longer;
it doesn’t matter about recipes, graphs or the latest scientific developments in our understanding of weight loss
unless you’re motivated to make changes in your life.
Let me start this by telling you a little story from my childhood
and then I’ll share with you an extract from an interview I conducted with a very wealthy businessman
who knows a thing or two about helping people become successful at whatever they want to do.
When I was child I bit my fingernails.
The ends of my fingers looked horrible;
I’d often make them bleed because I bit them so much.
My mom tried a number of methods to make me stop.
First she tried nagging - which I just ignored.
Then she applied a bitter tasting liquid to my nails every morning before I left for school but that didn’t work either.
She tried offering rewards that I would receive only if I didn’t bite my fingernails for a certain period of time.
That one worked for a while - but as soon as I got the reward, I’d start to bite my fingernails again.
Some years when by and I reached the age of about 13 or 14 and I had decided I wanted to be a computer programmer.
I had a primitive computer at home and I really enjoyed the puzzle of making it do the things I wanted it to do.
One evening my mom walked passed me as I was typing on the computer.
She’d long since given up nagging me about my nails and without thinking it would make any difference at all
she casually said: “I wonder what your work friends will think when they see you typing with your hands looking like that?”
I looked down to see my hands for the first time as someone else would see them.
I saw the ripped, bloodied fingertips and instantly realized that they would look terrible to someone else.
Now that happened over thirty years ago and I’ve never bitten my nails from that day to this.
I immediately started looking after my hands.
I bought nail files, clippers and cuticle removers so that I could make my hands look professional.
Even today I regularly have my nails manicured to help ensure that my hands look good.
What happened there was an instant change of behavior.
I changed because I suddenly had a reason why.
Before my mom said what she did it didn’t matter to me how my hands looked.
Afterwards it became so important that I didn’t need to fight myself to change my behavior.
I didn’t need willpower. I didn’t need discipline.
So do you have reason to lose weight?
Just casually thinking that it might be a good idea to lose a bit of weight isn’t likely to help you resist the temptation of ordering a large slice of
sticky chocolate cake with cream when you know you should be ordering a lower calorie option.
Your ‘why’ might be to fit in to that dress —
or to look great on the beach —
or be able to look at yourself in the mirror and love what you see.
Perhaps there’s a certain someone you want to impress.
There could be any number of other reasons. Whatever your reason work on making it a strong one.
My reason why was finding out that I was at increased risk of developing diabetes, some forms of cancer or having a heart attack
because of the amount of fat that was surrounding my internal organs.
Now you’re about to hear a short extract from a much longer interview with a British businessman named Peter Thomson.
I was interviewing Peter as part of a product I was making to help people become more financially successful in their lives
but this extract includes an exercise that works just as well for weight loss.
It’s an exercise that you perform in your mind to help you fix the ‘why’,
to provide some motivation and to come up with a list of actions that you can take to achieve your goals.
I’d encourage you to perform this exercise many times.
As a minimum I suggest you do it as soon as it’s safe to do so and again after you’ve finished reading and listening to the rest of this package.
Let’s go over to the extract now.
It’s a fantastic exercise that has helped me achieve a number of my own personal goals and I can’t thank Peter enough for sharing it with me.
I hope you see how this could help you and that you take the time to perform this really powerful exercise.
And if you want to find out more about Peter Thomson his website address is on the worksheet that accompanies this package.
Peter Thomson -->
...the most important part of the goal setting for me is 'WHY?'
So it was back to our thoughts earlier from the ‘Switch’ book, but I’ve been using this all my life, if I know why then I’ll definitely try.
James Kenton: Fantastic. Now last time we spoke you went over a goal setting method. Can you just recap that for us?
(PT) Is this the one that I call the ‘Yesterday’s Road Method’ where you go forward in time?
(JK) Yes, exactly.
(PT) Okay, well this was something that I came up with when I sold a major business I had...
(fade between clips)
...I came up with this thought and this is how
you use it; James, let me imagine that I’m talking to you and I would say this to you:
Go forward in your life to the point where you believe that the goal should have been achieved.
And imagine that you have not achieved it.
You get upset. You get annoyed. You get cross. You get emotional about it.
And when you’re in that emotional state (and this is very important) you write down:
“If only I’d...”
“If only I’d ... I’d have achieved that goal”.
What are the dots?
In other words, what the heck should I have done? And you write down everything that your mind tells you.
Then, when you’ve emptied your mind on to paper
- and I would not suggest that anybody type it either on their Mac or a PC -
actually write it – get physically involved in doing it.
Then stand up.
Walk around the room.
Change state.
Then say to yourself: imagine that you’re the period in time that the goal should have been achieved;
we are doing it a second time and you imagine you have achieved it.
And you get excited and pumping your fists and “Yes! Yes! Yes!” and “I got it — wow aren’t I brilliant!”
All those things and you celebrate.
When you’re in that new state you say to yourself:
“I achieved this goal because I …”
What are the dots?
And you just check in your mind to see if there is anything else that your mind wants to tell you.
and I’ve used that - and I used it on that occasion and I got my fellow five directors…
(fade out)
There you go, that’s the technique.
Now trust me on this.
That seemed very short and very simple but it’s incredibly powerful.
One of the secrets of Peter Thomson’s success is that he teaches things that are easy to do, often quick to do, but are incredibly powerful.
Take the time. Do the exercise! I’m absolutely convinced that this one exercise alone could make all the difference to your weight loss.
Now I’ve got lots of tips like these: simple and easy tips that can help people lose weight without too much effort.
In my next video I’ll share more with you that will take this even further and help you to get even faster results!
So click the link just under here to see the video and learn more tips to send your weight loss in to overdrive!