[sub]Birth by Sleep secret ending pt2

Uploaded by strwbrymilk on 10.01.2010

Who are you?
It's pretty rare to get guests around here.
My name is Aqua.
What are you doing in the World of Darkness?
How did you get here?
I'm not sure.
How did I get here the first time, the second time, and even now?
I myself cannot remember a thing.
I see...
Since I've landed in this world,
I've been wandering around for a long time, unable to return to my own world.
Do you wish to return to your world?
To carry out the promise I made to a friend.
A friend?
Most of my memories have been lost, but...
I remember a boy who reminds me a lot of you.
Just like you, he is frantically protecting the light for his friends, companions, and the people of the worlds.
Protecting the light?
Please tell me...
What is happening in the worlds right now?
One way or the other, the worlds became consumed by the darkness.
However, they are now being saved by a boy who wields the keyblade.
By any chance--
is his name Terra or Ven?
I do not recall such names.
I see...
It has been more than a year since I met that boy.
I tried to take revenge and did something terrible to this boy and his friends.
I ended up making so many people suffer.
And for all the sinful acts I have committed
I have only my heart as a mere researcher to blame.
While he was in a deep sleep,
I hid the data that I had researched inside of him.
Perhaps that boy--
--he who is able to connect his heart with others--
may be able to open the door
and save all those who have suffered.
Everything is born from sleep.
Yes, even you.
What is that boy's name?
His name is...
(All the fragments of sadness now awaken)
Have you decided?
There are still people who are sad out there.
They're all waiting so...
I've gotta reconnect everything back together again.
Have a safe trip.