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Sawasdee krab yehhh...h
Today, school bus bring you back to school life at.....
St.Dominic school
Today, our guest is a very famous actor from his first film.
Really! Who is he?.........Oh...Ma...Ma...Mario
Sawasdee krab
Please clap your hand for our guest
Oh! His character is still fresh faced and wearing uniform
This is not his first time in our program
I remember that my first time was when a guest was Joey boy
At that time he's very young
Yehhh...h That's the first time for our program
What's class that you studied at this school?
from grade 1 till grade 12
Total to 12 years
You see at this building. I studied at this school since there isn't this build.
Here as one of my houses. All of us studied together since grade 1
So everyone were really close,right?
Yes, everyone're really close since we're little boy to grow up
Today, we'll take Mario back to school again.
Let's us see St.Dominic school.
OK. Let's go
P'John and P' Peck, this is teacher Komkrit
Sawasdee krab
He's my sport teacher that I'm very close.
These two guys were very close.Mario had to help teacher Kromkit's wedding ceremony.
I have shown in the video for his wedding.
And there is someone special.She's a close friend of Mario.Her name is Gubgib Groobgreeb something like that.She acts as the teacher Komkrit's gf
I act as a teacher Komkrit.It makes me know how he take care his girlfriend.
So, that make many people want to watch that video.
Let's see.
Good news, she broke up with her boyfriend.
Orange used to treat a cold.
This is a bottle of orange juice with a special Ingredient that it can treat heart disease.
Hello.Did you get sweet?
Yes, I alredy get that sweet.
Thank you kha
Do you know what's that sweet name?
This is Eclair,right?
It's not Eclair.But it's I CARE
Pardon me!
I say It's not Eclair.But it's I CARE.
This is some part of the video.
He was very good.When teacher Komkrit call him to help.He accepted with his pleasure.
What do you think about Mario?
During his farther's ill and very coma.At that period I often talk with him.And I went to visiting his farther at the hospital.
He often said that his farther taught him to be a good person.
I admire him so much that he was 17-18 years old that he has positive thinking.
I think he is really good in both movies and real life.
Not just good in the film?
That's right.
From the part till today, he is also the same person for the teacher[means he still be a good man]
That's right.
There's one more teacher who is in memory of mario
Please welcome teacher Piyatai
Sawasdee krab.
He is a social sciences teacher.
What's your memories for teacher Piyatai?
I saw him since I was at grade 1.
He taught me when I studied in high school.
He's very disciplined.
What do you think about Mario?
He was quiet person and shy.
He's a gentle and polite.
When he studied in high school,he has already in the entertainment industry.But he's also a disciplined person that 's very important for youth.
So he's a good child for both of 2 teachers.
Today he has 2 garland flowers for his teacher.
I'm glad to meet all teachers that I respect.
Thank you teacher that taught me.
And I still love and miss both of you.
I miss you too.Thank you for your wish that you give me.
I wish you good health.
And be a good idol for youth
Thank you.