Kaliopi - I want to tell you - english - ( Zelim ti reci)

Uploaded by jacidjasna on 26.06.2012

I want to tell you, but I don't have the time Because you're faster then the light
Owerthere, where the sky meets the ground Owerthere, I will be waiting for you, forever
I wish to tell you, But I don't know what
I feel like a child, standing in front of you all confused And I hate that
While my hands are sweating and my body is getting weaker But still, I want to tell you
Butt still, I want to tell you How much I need you, to take you in my arms And take away all the sadness So that it's gone, that it's gone
In your beautiful dark eyes
I want to tell you But I'm losing my breath
When you look at me, you frighten me, and the sky feels like the hidden clouds who want to break free
I wish you all the best
I wish you all the things I never had the strengths to tell you ...